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    Hi all, I have had my 87 944S about 7 years now and have never done a traditional old school “tune up”. I just go back to the old days when you also did an annual tune-up – Plugs, distributor cap and rotor, etc.

    I have changed all the fluids and filters in the car over the course of time, changed the oil every 2500 KMS, but that’s it.

    Any thoughts on this? The car runs and drives fine, I just woke it up from its winter sleep last week-end and took it out for a decent run and everything is good.

    This is an occasional driver, I put about 3500 kms per year on the car.

    Do I just leave well enough alone?

    :Let me know your thoughts.


    andy wright

    Hi Bill,
    Well I am not a licensed mechanic, but these would be my recommendations based on my personal experiences.
    With today’s fuels and electronic fuel injection there is far less need for Spark Plug changes and certainly not with 3500 km annually. Probably a good idea to check the plugs annually and give them a quick clean if necessary, but unless they are oiled up or have signs of overheating, leave them be. Cap, Rotor & Wires should last at least 50k under normal use.
    One important maintenance item is to flush the brake fluid on a regular basis. Every two years at least and once a year if you track the car. Brake Fluid is hydroscopic meaning it attracts moisture and in cars that aren’t used much, the contamination builds up. Not only does this reduce the effectiveness of the brake system, but it can lead to internal corrosion. Same goes for the Clutch hydraulic system.
    Timing belts should be changed every 50k or 4-5 years, whichever is the sooner. They do deteriorate just sitting there under tension and a belt change while not inexpensive, is far cheaper than a head rebuild or worse. Most people change the balance shaft belts, tensioners and water pump at the same time.
    Coolant should be changed every 3 years to refresh its anti-corrosion properties.
    A good Fuel Injector cleaner in the fuel tank every Spring is a good practice.
    Happy motoring!


    Thank You Andy.

    What am I looking for when i inspect the timing belt? Will there be cracks, fraying etc. Let me know.

    Thanks again.

    andy wright

    Yes, check for cracks on both sides of the belt (flat and corrugated), signs of fraying at the edges and see how hard and brittle the rubber has become. That will give you some indication of how old it is.

    If you don’t know when it was last changed, change it anyway. The 944S engine has what is known as an ‘interference’ valvetrain, which means if the timing belt fails, the valves and pistons are going to hit each other. Normally at the very least you will have bent valves and head damage and at worst piston damage which could mean a rebuilt engine.

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