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    Brian Sullivan

    I have created and made public a Google Calendar for UCR DE days at Mosport. The calendar has events for every scheduled activity (all run groups, tech inspection, driver’s meeting) on a DE weekend with notifications 10 minutes before each activity.

    Notifications can be modified individually to only occur with your particular run group or (for instructors for instance) only two or three run groups if you prefer.

    I am including links for both the Google Calendar version and an iCal version (for other calendar programs). The Google Calendar one has the advantage of being modifiable (by me) in real-time so that if schedule changes (as I noticed it did for the October event last year) – the calendar has the potential for matching the updated schedule. Truth be known I don’t know how the iCal version will work with other calendar programs.

    Public link for this calendar(for adding to your existing Google Calendar):

    This will open calendar program in browser and allow adding it to your calendars. You can choose to view/not view at any time. You might have to choose to sync and view on your Google Calendar app as well.


    is an iCal format version of the calendar for use in other calendar programs.

    If you have any problems or issues you can reply here or to me directly at briansullivan@gmail.com

    I have uploaded a couple of screenshots to show what the calendar for the May event Saturday morning looks like on my Android phone (in schedule and day modes)

    Brian Sullivan

    OK I give up — editing a post is beyond my capabilities — 3 copies of the same screenshot have been added. Excuse the mess.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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