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    Being 3+ hours away from most of the club activities is somewhat limiting, would like to start an informal group of owners in the area if there’s enough interest. Was thinking of getting together perhaps once a month or so…please feel free to contact me via e mail ( if you have any interest.

    If there are enough responses we’ll pick a spot that’s most convenient and go from there.



    Hi Gerry,

    My name is Steve Schroeter. I live in south Windsor (Maidstone). I’d be very interested in getting together with any other PCA members in our area. Please add my name to the list! I look forward to meeting you soon.




    Hi Guy’s,

    Paul Salmon here. Love the idea of getting together with group of fellow p-car owners. I have a 09 carrera cab and my friend has a 2010 boxter.

    take care

    [email protected]


    I’d be interested in any meet and greet event. I look forward to meeting you. Can’t wait to get the car out of storage. Sunny warm days are coming soon.

    T. Behr

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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