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    Interested in anyone’s thoughts on winterizing. I was thinking of just storing it on a battery trickle charger, and taking it for a run on a dry day once a month – is that enough? What is the recommended “gap” time between drives? How long does the drive need to be to do any good? Ie 30 min drive? Does it have to be highway (worried about salt & crap on highways flying at me!) Do you still have to change the oil etc before winter or not bother with any of that stuff? Appreciate any experience from you seasons porsche store-ers 🙂

    Wayne Spiegelberg

    Here`s my 2 cents.

    1. Get an oil change.
    2. Fill up your tank with “SHELL 91” and add a stabilizer.
    3. Pump up the tires by 10%. Store your track tires in the basement with 10% less inflation.
    4. Either pull the battery and store it in a ventilated cool dry place with a towel over it to block any sunlight OR simply hook it up to a trickle charger.
    5. Wash it, wax it and cover it.
    6. Throw some dryer sheets in the car, under the hood and throw some mothballs under the car to thwart any unwanted friends.
    7. Finally, say good night and don`t drive it till Spring. Short jaunts in winter aren`t doing your car any favours unless you really give it a good workout and then follow points 1- 6 all over again.

    This process has worked for me for the last 20 years with no issues in the Spring.

    If you need a Porsche fix, buy a 944 beater and have some fun with it…..Wayne

    – Wayne


    Thanks Wayne, I did all the above except pull the battery, have it on trickle charge. I was going to drive it once a month as I thought this would prevent dried out seals, etc, but if you have had success just leaving it (for 5 months?) that is the least complicated.

    Now if only I could find an insurance company that won’t gauge me for sitting it in my garage… 😉

    John Adam

    I do the monthly (dry roads) winter run for at least 20 –30 minutes. That keeps everything lubricated. Trickle charger for a couple of days each month, between runs. Fuel stabilizer can’t hurt.


    I disconnect the battery on my 964. Nuisance is, that triggers error lights which need to be reset. Also stereo may need to have code input. So…maybe just leave it on a trickle charger periodically? I cut the insurance back to fire and theft while it is stored.


    I simply store it in my garage after winterizing it properly. Fill the gas tank, pump tires to 50 psi (prevents flat spots) full wash and wax, leather treatment to keep leather pliable and lubricated, trickle charger and cover properly. Don’t drive it till spring, fire and theft only. Works for me.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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