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  • in reply to: Brake pad thickness for DE weekend #25218
    John Adam

    It would seem logical to get the answer from the mechanic that has to sign the inspection form rather than an opinion from the general public.

    in reply to: PCA Raffles #23925
    John Adam

    Actually, a local UCR member won in the last raffle and the announcement was held up (by PCA) until we could do the reveal at our monthly social. This was reported by Kathleen in a recent Provinz. I don’t know whether the winner took the car or the cash option.

    No, the vehicle is NOT delivered in Canada. It is delivered in the US via a dealer and must be imported into Canada, as for any other vehicle. Another UCR member that actually won a 911GTS was Colin Black but he lived in Buffalo and so delivery via the Buffalo dealer was not an issue.

    in reply to: Car Numbers – Painter's vs. Electrical Tape #23118
    John Adam

    Whatever tape you use, WD40 will remove any glue residue.

    in reply to: DE – Local Accommodations or Commute? #22271
    John Adam

    We live in Mississauga and treat DE as a weekend away and have done so for decades. Others prefer to save money on accommodation and meals but live with an early daily awakening for an 07:30 arrival at the track.

    The choice is yours.

    The college dormitory facility in Oshawa is $80/night and has two bedrooms. Split the cost with a buddy and you are all set with a great deal. You can’t beat the price.

    in reply to: Magnetic Car Numbers #21361
    John Adam

    Any sign company can do it. But there is an easier solution.

    Dave Osborne, City Signs, Kingston, is not only our DE Chair bout also in the sign business. He would bring your car numbers to the next track event.

    in reply to: DE event schedule on Sunday #21157
    John Adam

    The time line is the same every day. However, we have changed the order of the five run groups this year. You will have a work shift for 1/2 day but will not miss any of your runs.

    Yellow 9:00
    White 9:20
    Red 9:40
    Black 10:00
    Green 10:20
    Break 10:40
    Yellow 10:50
    White 11:10
    Red 11:30
    Black 11:50
    Green 12:10
    Lunch 12:30
    Yellow 1:30
    White 1:50
    Red 2:10
    Black 2:30
    Green 2:50
    Break 3:10
    Yellow 3:20
    White 3:40
    Red 4:00
    Black 4:20
    Green 4:40
    The End 5:00

    in reply to: In Memory of Horst Petermann #19326
    John Adam

    We are saddened by the loss of a good friend.

    in reply to: Where to Find Helmets #18476
    John Adam

    Both open face and closed face helmets are acceptable.

    Any of the motorcycle shops sell Snell-rated helmets and can order an SA or M rate helmet as can some of our tech centres. BOTH Snall M 2015 and Snell SA 2015 are acceptable. The debate around the difference in specifications has been raging forever.

    Don’t buy any helmet without a try-on for fit and comfort. For that reason alone, I would not buy online.

    in reply to: SA2015 and 2016 DEs #14903
    John Adam

    SA2015 helmets have been stickered at point of manufacture since last October. M2015 helmets were stickered much earlier in the year. Either is acceptable for DE events.

    I would think that some retail vendors don’t want to order new stock if they still have old stock (2010) on hand.

    in reply to: PorschePlatz 2016 at CTMP #14872
    John Adam

    Yes, tickets are to be purchased on the CTMP website.

    in reply to: DE "Numbers" #14169
    John Adam

    Your car number is yours to keep. Other Regions will assign you a different number. After about three years if dis-use, your number will be recycled.

    in reply to: Short film about my '72911 #14148
    John Adam

    Nice shots. Too short!!!
    We hope that you will be back on track in spring.

    in reply to: Hearth Place Breakdown #12034
    John Adam

    I agree totally. And I have my own story.

    At the September DE event, late Sunday afternoon, Jack Webb was working in Tower. On his way to his last run on track, he observed that our 997 had a flat tire. We got a quick message to Brad at Braidan “Don’t abandon us, please!” We have no spare tire.

    Brad had one job on the go in his shop. He came and checked our tire to see if it would hold air but the bead had broken away from the rim. Can it be fixed? What if it can’t?

    My two Tower co-workers Jack Webb and Greg Sachs agreed to stay on site until a repair was made or they would take us home (one in each car) or . . .

    At 5:00 pm, Greg and Jack helped to shut down Tower operations and put away the equipment. Then, we all awaited the word from Brad, who was traversing the property in his golf cart. He left his son Aden (sp?) with us as hostage. Eventually, Brad returned with the problem tire fixed. No charge. Jack and Greg could now proceed on their way home.

    But wait. There is more.

    As we drove along county roads to avoid cottage traffic on 401, who pops up in our mirror but Greg. He followed us to make sure that all was well. All the way to Westney and 401, where we joined the cottagers heading home.

    It’s not just the cars, it’s the people.

    in reply to: Winter wheels/tires #11997
    John Adam

    Megawheelz on the Queensway in Mississauga import rims and offer a range of tires. Talk to Wayne Pitman and use my name if you like. 905 279 9292.

    If you are an east ender, I would go to Braidan, a club supporter.

    in reply to: Porsche Rental #11724
    John Adam

    Not specific to Porsche but just what you are looking for:
    Mark White, Drivem Canada 647 237 0743

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