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    AvatarWild Weasel

    I highly recommend signing up for the July weekend and including the Friday DDT option.

    My first track weekend after doing my IDS was on the DDT and it was a great experience. The track is awesome for beginners and it would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

    I think the one I did was actually the last one they ran there. They don’t run them very often.

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    AvatarWild Weasel

    I appreciate that, Francois. I’ll come look for you in the spring and we’ll go out and have some fun. πŸ™‚

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    AvatarWild Weasel

    Hi Francois,

    Are you the guy from Quebec with the GT3RS? If so, then we definitely met earlier this season and chasing you around was some of the most fun I’ve had in any UCR DE this year! πŸ™‚

    Incidentally, if I got too close or made you uncomfortable, please see my apology in the thread below this one. That was never my intention.

    The things you’re mentioning about the Black group having better flow and earlier point-by’s are exactly what I was expecting from the Black group and were things I’d mentioned as reasons I wanted to be there. Apparently the message that actually got sent though was that I’m too impatient and aggressive.

    I agree that discussions and explanations are good for everyone.

    What I’ve learned from this discussion and the one on Rennlist though are that it’s probably best that I stay out of them going forward and keep my opinions to myself. Not because opinions aren’t valued. Rather, because I apparently do a piss poor job of expressing mine without coming across as an asshole, and that’s not a reputation I’m looking to foster here.

    This past weekend I reviewed my video from my failed check-out ride to see where I can do better next time and honestly can’t for the life of me see any point where I’m driving aggressively or tailgating or anything that would be considered disrespectful. With that in mind… all I can think of is that it comes down to the things I said and the things I pointed out on the track. I recognize when I need to slow down before a corner because I’ll get too close to the person in front of me. I recognize when I should have been given a pass but didn’t. My mistake seems to be in pointing those things out to the instructor.

    Rod called me out on the Rennlist thread, suggesting that I started the discussion there because I didn’t like the answers I was getting here.

    That wasn’t the case… but the response shows how I’m being perceived and I’m definitely not doing myself any favours. Rod was my first ever DE instructor and I think of him as hugely influential in how much fun I’ve got out of this sport over the years. If he thinks I’m being a jerk, then I’ve definitely failed in my intentions.

    With that in mind, as I mentioned earlier I’m stepping away from all off these discussions and will keep my opinions to myself going forward. Not because opinions aren’t appreciated or any such thing. Just because I’m obviously not very good at expressing them and don’t want to keep shooting myself in the foot. I’m not helping anything here by being a constant squeaky wheel.

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    AvatarWild Weasel

    Hi All,

    I just want to mention here that I started a similar discussion on Rennlist a few minutes after starting this one here.

    I didn’t start that one out of any differences of opinion with anyone here (nobody had replied here yet) and mean no disrespect to any of the organizers at UCR.

    The other discussion was geared toward hearing about how other groups run their DE’s to get an idea of how things are different.

    I seem to be getting a reputation as some sort of upstart troublemaker or something. That’s really not me at all. I seem to voice my opinion more than anyone would like me to but I’m not trying to say anything is being done poorly or any such thing.

    I’m just looking to stoke discussion and make suggestions where I think they’re useful. If they’re not, then so be it.

    in reply to: My Apologies to the White Group #26188
    AvatarWild Weasel

    I hope that if there are complaints that an instructor will come and relay the message. Phil mentioned that this is what happens and I trust he’s right on that.

    Thing is… I’ve been in this group for two full seasons now and nobody has ever come to me to talk about something they didn’t like. Not a single one.

    That’s why I was surprised to find out there was an issue.

    That’s why I posted this apology here, with the hope that maybe they’ll see it. Unfortunately that seems unlikely as these forums get very little traffic, but it seems the best I can do.

    I’d be quite happy to apologize personally to whoever had issues with me, but I don’t know any way to do that.

    So this is my way of reaching out to those who might be too shy to say something and to pledge to do better in the future.

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    AvatarWild Weasel

    I agree 100%, Andreas. There’s at least a handful of people in the White group that know me and talk to me in the paddock and at non-track events.

    I’m not aware of any of them having any issues with my driving in the group, which is why I was surprised to find out there was an issue and which is why I posted this apology in the first place.

    I hope more people will come up and introduce themselves and, especially if they have issues with me, will come over to discuss it. I’m really a very friendly person. I promise!

    For anyone that won’t though… well… this strategy of switching cars and numbers each season simply isn’t sustainable. πŸ™‚

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    AvatarWild Weasel

    I’m looking forward to it, Paul! Hopefully in the spring. πŸ™‚

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    AvatarWild Weasel

    Without a difference in rules, there doesn’t seem to be a sense of progression. What’s the difference to the student between White and Black?

    Maybe at least let the Black group pass between 4 and 5.

    I was asked why I want to be in Black group. I gave the wrong answers. I’m trying to figure out what the right answer is but all I’ve got left is “because that’s where my friends are”.

    I’m genuinely trying to be helpful here. At least consider my ideas and maybe bounce them around in discussions. I’m not suggesting anything wild and crazy. There used to be a difference between White and Black. Now there isn’t. You guys determined that the White group could handle the extra passing zones. I’m suggesting maybe the Black group can as well.

    in reply to: Why is Green = Yellow and White = Black? #26151
    AvatarWild Weasel

    Hi Andy,

    I realize from your response that I need to clarify what I meant by the equality of the groups. They’re definitely not the same with respect to the level of skill of the drivers in them. I meant the equality only with respect to the rules in each of them.

    The rules are the same for Green/Yellow and for White/Black.

    When suggesting the additional passing zones for Yellow, it has nothing to do with making it easier to get through traffic or with preventing trains. It would have to do with getting accustomed, with an instructor, to what a student is going to be doing in White. This is especially important when adding in the additional skill of giving passes before the end of a turn.

    There seemed to be a lot of concern in the classroom session we had in the White group about taking a hand off the wheel before tracking out. That feels very different in turn 2 than it does coming out of 3, 5, or 10. In the Yellow group, students could learn this with the guidance of an instructor.

    There’s also something to be said for the sense of accomplishment of graduating up to being allowed to do something you weren’t previously allowed to do.

    Getting into the White group can be very stressful as it is. I remember my first time going out solo and realizing that everything was now wholly on my own shoulders. I had to know if someone was behind me. I had to know which flags were out. There was nobody there to depend on for backup.

    Adding in brand new things like new passing zones and different ways to pass when there’s nobody there to guide you seems unnecessary when that could all be done in Yellow.

    The same is true for moving from White to Black. When you make the move from White to Black… what difference does it make? What does the student gain from this transition?

    I’m encouraged by the idea of combining the Black and Red groups. I didn’t realize that was a thing that happened. Since we’re having record numbers of students at events now, is it anticipated that this could still happen in the future? Are there certain events we should try not to miss, such as May and October, that are less full and have a better chance at this happening?

    Finally, note that I don’t look at open passing as an opportunity to get by slower cars quicker. It was my experience that it was a lot of fun among similar cars just giving and taking late passes and adjusting lines through the corners to enter side-by-side and have it completed before or after the apexes.

    It’s not about getting by people. It’s about having fun on the track trying different things and getting to know other drivers.

    I hope this clarifies my earlier comments and gives some context to the changes I suggested.

    in reply to: Porsche Stability Management for DE #26061
    AvatarWild Weasel

    Forgive me for not knowing who you are, but we need a bit more information to really help you answer this.

    If you’re talking about any of the current generation cars (981/982/991.x) then everything I’ve read about this suggests that the PSM is extremely good and that if it’s stepped in to do something, then you’ve already screwed up and should be thankful for the help.

    It does not slow you down.

    I think you might be getting PTV (torque vectoring) mixed into the discussion with regard to rear brake wear. If you’re using PSM so much that it’s causing extra brake heat, then you might just be a bit of a maniac.

    Finally… just my personal stance on this… I’ve NEVER turned off the nannies on the track. The only time I ever had them off was during IDS when the instructor turned them off on the skid pad.

    It seems to me that if you’re good enough to not need them, then they won’t do anything anyway.

    It’s possible none of this applies to some older cars. I have no idea how intrusive or not their systems might be.

    in reply to: Brake pad thickness for DE weekend #25276
    AvatarWild Weasel

    Yeah. Worth mentioning: If you’re concerned about throwing out perfectly good pads just because of DE rules… don’t. Keep them. Put them back on after the DE is over and keep using them. They’re fine for the street.

    in reply to: Boxster S vs F-Type S #25275
    AvatarWild Weasel

    When I decided I wanted a roadster, the 981 and F-Type were both on my short list.

    Now, the reason I dropped the F-Type was because, at the time, there was no manual transmission option available. Now there is, so that’s not so relevant.

    That aside though, I feel like I really dodged a bullet on that one. Firstly, my Boxster was amazing in every way as a roadster. On the roads, it was sublime, and it had enough space in it to pack for a weekend for myself, my wife, and our dog. That car never failed to impress me and I still miss it.

    More than that though, the Porsche community has been amazing and the Boxster held it’s own on the track beyond all expectations. I can’t imagine the F-Type, being softer and heavier and more of a little touring car, would have given the same experience or had the same enthusiast community.

    Jaguar ownership would have been fleeting until I moved on to the next thing.

    Porsche ownership seems like it’ll be a lifelong adventure.

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    AvatarWild Weasel

    Firstly, I hope nobody attempted to get out there on summer tires. That would be a disaster!

    That aside though, for anyone who hadn’t switched or had an alternate vehicle to use, I hope you’re out there having a blast today!

    While nobody would ever wish for these conditions, you’re definitely getting an experience like no other! I’m betting the skid pad is a riot!

    Braking at the cones? BAHAHAHA!!! πŸ™‚

    I can’t imagine what tip-toeing around the track might be like but, while you’re probably not learning much about apexes, I’m betting you’re learning how to control a slide at super slow speeds which is way better!

    I sincerely hope everyone had a great time despite the weather. I’ll never forget my IDS. πŸ™‚

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    AvatarWild Weasel

    Now we just need them to implement auto-accelerate and auto-point-by-and-stay-out-of-the-way. πŸ™‚

    in reply to: New DE Tech Form for 2018 #24225
    AvatarWild Weasel

    tl;dr: Blah blah blah All Porsche’s are Fine blah blah… πŸ™‚

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