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My passion for cars probably started sometime during my high school days. During those years, I was a huge fan of Formula 1 – waking up on Sunday mornings to watch cars drive around in circles, 70 times. Eventually, the interest spilled over into road-cars, once I had my driver’s license!  Anyhow – fast forward a few years (or a decade), and several cars later, I decided I needed a “fun” car. I had the perfect excuse – I didn’t need a car to commute for work, and only needed something fun for the weekends. I knew I wanted a mid-engine, rear wheel drive car, this time around. That requirement narrowed down my choices of cars significantly, and after a few months of searching, a friend sent me an ad for a Cayman S Sport Edition. Before long, I had the keys to my new toy.

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to do some volunteer work. Based on a recommendation from a friend, also a fellow PCA UCR member and volunteer, I applied to be a Fun Run co-chair. I’m currently about a year into this role – and thoroughly enjoying it so far. Glad to have met a few members last year and hoping to attend more events during the 2017 season to meet more UCR members! See you around!



I’ve been a Porsche fanatic for over 60 years from when I received a brand new, Guards Red, 356 Roadster (25 cm. working model) by my uncle while living in Hungary. (See Provinz, September 2016 page 10 To this day, I still cherish that Porsche as one of my most prized possessions. I acquired my first, full-size P-car in 2000, a 1997 Arctic Silver Boxster. I loved to drive that Boxster all over town, but longed for a more engaging driving experience. My friend, who owned a Ferrari told me about the drives he took with the Ferrari club, so in 2001 I joined UCR and have not looked back since. During my 15 years with the club, I signed up for all the Fun Runs, Tours, Targas, Rallies I could fit into my schedule. I did IDS and after getting so much out of it, signed up my young son to hone his driving skills as well.

In addition to participating in countless driving and social events, over the years I’ve helped organize Fun Runs, Shift into Spring and Concourse events. I currently drive a 2009 Aqua Blue Targa 4S which I use as a year-round daily driver and with my wife Andréa, take on multi-week road trips to far off destinations such as the Florida Keys and Atlantic Canada. I’ve also been an avid sailor and can be found during the summer racing on a 35-foot sailboat somewhere on Lake Ontario.

After a 35-year career as a management consultant, I am now semi-retired and when not involved with the Porsche Club, my lovely wife Andréa, our children and grandchildren, I undertake pro-bono strategic consulting for organizations such as War Child Canada and the National Yacht Club.

I look forward to meeting many UCR members in 2017 and working with Fun Run Hosts in my new role.


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