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AFTER DRIVING ANOTHER top-down roadster for 11 years, a BMW Z4, it was time for change and a friend convinced me to consider Porsche — best decision ever! For about the same amount, I feel I’m driving twice as much automobile. The 2014 Boxster’s handling, stability and fun factor have all been excellent. And the PCA UCR has been a great value add with the dinners, rallies, picnics and rambles, all allowing me to meet new, like-minded friends.

I’ve done three rallies and won a trophy at one of them, it’s all in the navigation and adjustment of the difference in my odometer to the organizer’s odometer. By the way, his is wrong by 10 percent. The rambles have been fun. I particularly remember the one that included a lap around the F1 track Mosport, albeit at 50 KPH. The Ski Day at Osler was fun. Moreover, the monthly dinner speakers are consistently good.

However, my greatest memory was a free track day at Mosport. Porsche Canada was promoting its newest Boxster model and the first 25 or so respondents were invited to attend. There were five Boxsters each kitted out with different options (brakes, suspensions and other items) that affected their performance on the track. We had the opportunity to drive each around the practice track for about five laps. Great fun.

I do drive my Boxster occasionally in the winter but only on those cold days during high-pressure systems when the roads are bare and dry. Helps give the car some exercise. Hopefully the vaccines will get us out of this horrible pandemic and into our UCR events later this year. —Paul Larocque

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