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THE PORSCHE CANADA SPORTS CAR SHOWCASE SOCIAL on May 10 helped get life back to normal for many UCR members seeking a great night out of socializing, good drink and good food, surrounded by amazing performance cars. UCR was thrilled to be invited to the new Porsche Canada event space, tentatively dubbed the Forum, at the company’s parts distribution warehouse in Mississauga.

The space was filled with stunning new GT3s, Taycans, as well as a handful of custom Exclusive Manufaktur Porsches, one of which belonged to our very own UCR member, Lucas Scarfone. With the eye candy along the perimeter, tables and chairs were scattered throughout the middle; the caterer set up the food and drink stations, and the doors opened to guests.

Over 100 UCR members and guests attended the event in person with an additional 40 online on the live Zoom component, in addition to many executives and employees from Porsche Canada. Marc Ouayoun, president and CEO of Porsche Canada, opened the evening’s festivities by welcoming club members and telling us about what’s in store for 2022. For those who missed the event, this includes three Porsche Sports Cup Canada track locations and a year-long celebration of the 70 years of Porsche clubs globally this year.

Next came Daniel Ponzini, manager of brand partnerships and motorsport, who spoke to us about all of the events that Porsche Canada and UCR will be working on together this year. To mark the special occasion of 70 years of Porsche clubs, events include UCR’s Annual Picnic on June 26, Porscheplatz at CTMP on July 2 and 3, UCR’s 25th Anniversary Can-Am Challenge Club Race on July 30 and 31, and a highlight event with the Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Sept. 17 and 18.

Walter Dixon, senior vehicle order and Exclusive Manufaktur specialist from Porsche Canada, took the mic next and described the Exclusive Manufaktur and Sonderwunsch options, while outlining features on Lucas Scarfone’s GT3 Touring that was present. The custom paint-to-sample Forest Green Metallic and the Mojave Beige and black leather interior with contrasting stitching, were two of the highlights.

Next up was the product team from Porsche Canada. Primus Tien, senior product manager, shared some exciting photos and information about the new 911 Sport Classic, and Kush Obhrai, product manager, walked us around two special Taycan GTSs, live in the room, and highlighted their design features.

Yours truly, Kathrin Menge, then wrapped up the evening by thanking Porsche Canada for hosting us, and we welcomed new members to the UCR club with their inaugural pin.

As guests left the event space, the smiles were in abundance, whether from the amazing presentations or from the goodie bags that everyone received courtesy of Porsche Canada. It truly felt like a stone had been turned and we’re now back on track to a new normal in how we once again socialize and gather to share our passions. </>

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