Happiest Mother’s Day

Audrey Ancion-Vandewiele’s 2002 911 Carrera 4

I RECEIVED MY FIRST PORSCHE as a gift from my husband Christophe on Mother’s Day 2019. Here is how it happened, much to my surprise.

I knew he had signed me up for the track IDS (Introductory Driving School) a couple of weeks before that saying that I should accumulate experience driving his Porsche in a safe learning environment.

The evening before IDS, Chris showed me how to drive his car, a 2011 911 GTS, on Lakeshore Boulevard to ensure I felt comfortable with the car. As we drove back home and into our driveway, Chris handed me a box of toothpaste. In it was a key, a key to my first Porsche — a 2002 911 996 C4 — parked in our garage and hidden from my sight until the IDS.

So, my IDS experience was really my first experience driving a Porsche.

The theoretical portion facilitated by an instructor was perfect to learn key concepts and make me feel more empowered around driving vocabulary. What is an “apex?” Where is the apex? How do we handle an apex with a car with a motor in the back? These were some of the questions I got answers for.

With all due respect to the instructor, the best part started after our first break when we got allocated to one of three stations. I got the skid pad first and was encouraged to let the back of my new car “go,” not easy for a first timer but a great experience to already test the limits of the car. The second station was all about braking and testing the ABS and learning to use our vision when the instructor tells us to go left or right at the cone.

I learned to use my brakes like I mean it and also learned to wait, not anticipate and use my eyes to bring my car where I want it.

The ultimate station for me was on the small track where, with the help of two instructors, I discovered the love of driving on a track. My smile coming out of the car from the track says it all, “This is an amazing empowering feeling!” Something you know could become addictive.

In short, I came out of IDS knowing my car better and feeling humble about my driving abilities. I wanted to further improve my driving abilities and now I want my two daughters, Andrea and Eleonor, to one day have the same empowering experience. I hope when they take IDS in 10 years from now that they will be more than just two women in the group, as IDS can be enjoyed and benefit both men and women.

Since then, I’ve made two DE events at Mosport and one at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. </>

Story and photos provided by Audrey Ancion-Vandewiele.

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