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A His and Hers Porsche Story

OUR PORSCHE STORY BEGINS 5 years ago with a purchase of a low mileage, pre-owned silver Cayenne from Porsche of London to replace our well used BMW X5. As soon as we started driving that Cayenne, we realized that we found something very special. The way it drove, felt and looked was head and shoulders above any other SUV we’d had before. As part of the purchase, Tim Bamford from Porsche of London introduced us to UCR by covering the first year’s membership.

What followed was a love affair with Porsches and a very special relationship with the brand, most Porsche dealers in Ontario and with the PCA Club. In the last 5 years, we’ve owned no less than 7 different Porsches, sometimes as many as 3 at a time. There were 2 Cayennes, a Macan S, a Cayman, and 3 different 911’s. We also put our UCR membership to good use over the last 5 years and attended numerous social events, Porsche launch events, driving tours, one rally, and the Porsche ski day. We made some good friends through the club as well.

It’s amazing how active the UCR chapter is compared to other automotive clubs, all thanks to its volunteers, board members and driving tour organizers and committee chairs. There are dozens of driving tours and social events to choose from. We really enjoy being part of the club.

Mark Zemel and Isabella Shvarzman

Our teenage kids, Matthew and Emily, also developed an affinity to Porsches, and used the Cayenne in their driver’s education, and even drove it in the Street Survival School. It was quite a sight to watch them drift a full size SUV through the slalom course and skid pad as if it was a sports car.

Back in the winter of 2015, a couple of months after the purchase of our first Cayenne, I decided to go for the 911 I always wanted. I figured the winter would be a good time to get a good deal on a 911. While on a ski trip with our daughter, Emily, I noticed an ad from Porsche of London for a gorgeous 2012 (997.2) Black Edition 911 Carrera with the Aerocup kit and 6 speed manual. Even though there were some pre-owned 991.1 models on the market, this particular black-edition 997.2 was more appealing and the price was right. I called Tim and negotiated a deal with him over the phone to buy the car and pick it up on a dry winter day later on. When the forecast finally turned favourable for a clear winter day, I drove to London to pick up the car. What I failed to account for was that London has a different weather pattern than most of Ontario. It was hit by a heavy snow storm that same evening, which seemed to hit only that city and nowhere else. Driving the Black Edition home on summer tires in a snow storm was an experience even more exciting than driving the car on the racetrack that subsequent summer.

After about a year and a half of driving the Black Edition 911, I had a flare up of the AIMP syndrome (Ants In My Pants). I decided that I should try some other sports cars – the 911 was sold, and was replaced with a series of other high performance cars – a BMW M3, a Mercedes Benz C43 AMG, and even an Aston Martin Vantage S, none of which could measure up to the 911’s classic looks, awesome performance, comfort, and all around versatility. Bella and I have realized that there really is no substitute, as the old Porsche tag line goes. I often tell my friends from UCR that I regret selling the Black Edition 911 the most. A couple of months ago, in the spring of 2019, I decided that it was time to look for a suitable replacement. After having just purchased a black Cayenne S from Porsche Centre Oakville, I started looking for a newer and better version of a 911.

After about a year and a half of driving the Black Edition 911, I had a flare up of the AIMP syndrome (Ants In My Pants). I decided that I should try some other sports cars…

I was after a 4S this time, with PDK, and preferably black in colour to remind me of that special Black Edition car. Porsche Centre Oakville had the biggest selection of pre-owned Carrera 4S’s, and the one that caught my eye was a black 2017 4S with red and black full leather interior – the exact same colour combination as Bella’s Cayenne S. Danny Burkett from Porsche Centre Oakville, who was our sales rep for the black Cayenne S, took me out for a test drive in the 4S, and it fit like a glove. Danny made a joke that I should buy it just to have a matching set of “his and hers” Porsches. This idea actually appealed to Bella and I, and we decided to go for it. We are now the proud owners of the perfect “his and hers” set of Porsches. These two cars look stunning, both finished in black metallic over a red and black leather interior with red stitching. They are by far THE best sports car and SUV that we’ve ever owned, and we can’t possibly imagine what could be a better car to drive.

The photos featured here of the “his and hers” cars are with us and our Golden Retriever, Lexi, at our cottage on Buckhorn Lake in the Kawarthas. Like our kids when they were younger, Lexi loves riding in the back of the Cayenne S, especially to the cottage, her favourite place on earth. </>

Story and photos by Mark Zemel and Isabella Shvarzman, UCR Members

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