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In Memory of “Rally” Rick Metcalfe

A note from Jackie Metcalfe, UCR Director;

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of “Rally” Rick Metcalfe, 32 year PCA UCR member. His passion for the Porsche brand started in the mid 70’s and continued throughout his life. Rick participated in autocross, rallies, DE, several Porsche Parades, and in 1996 he took up Club Racing with his yellow 1958 356. He always enjoyed his time with the Club, especially at the track making memories with fellow gear-heads. 


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  1. UCR, Susan and I have lost a good friend. We shall remember the good times we shared with Rick and his family. Now that Jackie has joined the board his great personality is perpetuated and a constant reminder to us all.
    Botho von Bose

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