In My Glory

Chris Flamminio’s 2000 Carrera

IN 1993 MY WIFE AND I went to see my sister who lived in Seattle, Washington. To my surprise her husband Steve owned a 1988 Carrera. Steve took me down the highway into the city to shop at Pike Place market. I was in my glory, never being in a Porsche before. Later in the week he let me drive it. That was it, I knew I had to have a Porsche.

For years I looked for a deal that I couldn’t resist. Finally, in 2014, a guy on our job site mentioned that he was going through a bad divorce and may need to sell his Porsche, my ears perked up and next thing you know it was mine. Costa was only the second owner of the car and his friend was the first owner. To my amazement, the day I picked up the car Costa said we have to go to the original owner’s house to get the hard top that was still hanging in his garage and had never been put on the car. We put the top on, they both took pictures of it and away I went.

This car was mint and still is. Never driven in the winter and as far as I was concerned, they never drove it much at all. It had 57,000 kilometres on it when I bought it. Now 112,000. </>

Story and photos provided by Chris Flamminio.

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