By Mike Bryan, President (from Provinz December 2015 page 11)

ConcoursUCR is a large club with a team of enthusiastic and energetic volunteers who love putting on events or developing tools and processes that keep every­thing running smoothly. As members, we benefit from a high level of professionalism in the events we attend and in the way things are run. As the bar has risen, so have our expectations. So whether or not our membership contin­ues to grow, we need to consider how to sustain our ability to meet those rising expectations.

Currently UCR is strong in several ways – the quality of its volunteers, the quality and quantity of its events and the high participation levels of its members; also, in the quality of its communications and in its financial situation. This didn’t happen by accident, but by the prudent manage­ment of successive Boards over several years. We are fortu­nate to be where we are, but experience tells us that instead of resting on our laurels, now is the time to envision our future and consider how to meet the needs of our mem­bers and the volunteers on whom our success depends. At Board meetings this year the term “investing in our future” seemed to come up quite often in discussion. It became increasingly clear that there was a need to distinguish between the allocation of funds to meet particular current needs and funds that should be considered as investment for long term benefit.

So in order to define a process for assessing and ap­proving proposals for activities, tools and equipment as “investments for the future”, the UCR Board established an Investment Committee. The purpose of the committee was to develop a process for members to be able to recom­mend future strategic investment initiatives for the Club.

The Investment Committee has fulfilled its mandate and made its recommendations, which have been approved by the Board. The outcome is that all investment proposals must meet at least one the following three objectives:

  1. To attract new members
  2. To engage existing members
  3. To give back to the community

As an example, I’d like to add that #2 might include investing in tools or equipment that would help our volun­teers provide a better experience for members, while also making their volunteer jobs easier or quicker.

The Investment Committee designed a business case template identifying the information to be included in such submissions and a mock-up submission for illustra­tive purposes. In addition to asking Board members, Event Chairs and helpers, I invite you to let me know of any stra­tegic investment ideas you may have or ideas for initiatives that would meet any of these three criteria. Please go to, then to “About PCA/UCR” and check out the “Useful Links for Members” page…and get involved! This is your Club! Help to make it even better!

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