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Just a Dream

VINCENT HO, a Porsche specialist at Pfaff Porsche, has always been highly interested in classic Porsche cars. His dream car had always been a Porsche 356 but he had always dismissed it as “just a dream.” He did not know whether he would be lucky enough to come across a classic Porsche 356 for sale. When his friend showed him a picture of one on sale, he jumped at the opportunity.

Although Ho had wanted to do a full restoration on the vehicle, he never executed on this idea. With the announcement of the Porsche Classic Restoration Competition in 2019, he thought it was the perfect occasion to start and complete the restoration process. Having spent 20-plus years as a Porsche employee, he plans on keeping his 1962 Porsche 356 as a trophy after he retires.

The restoration of Vincent Ho’s 356 is a close collaboration between Pfaff Porsche and Pfaff Autoworks, with the former handling mechanical aspects of the restoration, and the latter looking after the nearly 60-year-old body.

In its original state, the vehicle presented well, but after disassembly and stripping of all components, it was clear the body would need major work, with corrosion present through many areas of the 356’s structure.

In preparation for the repairing and rebuilding, the 356 was dipped in a large dipping tank — 20 feet long, eight feet wide, six feet deep — that removed paint and rust from all steel and aluminium parts. After several hours dipped in the tank, the caustic solution was able to flow into areas where traditional stripping or blasting could never reach, leaving the car’s core structure looking fresh and clean.

After acid dipping, the 356’s structure was reinforced, and repairs were completed throughout its structure before priming and preparation for paint. In the next few weeks, painting of the body will be complete and it will be reunited with its completely rebuilt drivetrain and mechanical elements.

You can follow along at PfaffPorsche.com, simply go to the menu item “Porsche Classic Partner,” where you can see this 1962 356 as well as details on the completed 1972 911 T restoration, plus ongoing work on a high-mileage 200,000-kilometre 1995 911 Carrera (993). </>

Story and Photos by Pfaff Autoworks

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