Kawartha Fun Run 2013

A Sunday Sprint to Apsley


By Peter Oakes, UCR member

Sunday May 26 was a great driving day, with sunny, dry roads and a temperature of 16°C. What a great day for a cruise through the Kawartha Lake area. Participants, first time and seasoned Fun Runners, met and chatted at the ride-sharing lot on the east side of Peterborough.

Starting from there the 16 Porsches in the Run snaked through the city, skirted Lakefield and, after a coffee break, sprinted to Apsley along Highway 28. We then followed several county roads to Upper Stoney Lake, and then along the lake to lunch at Viamede Lodge on Lower Stony Lake.

These roads are wonderful for drivers, with undulating terrain and many curves. Just great! There were many opportunities to use our driving skills. Before lunch we stopped at Jack Miller’s body and mechanical shop to see his restoration work on older Porsches and other German vehicles.

After a leisurely lunch, overlooking Stony Lake, the afternoon was a drive back around the lake, through Lakefield and Bridge North, and down into Peterborough. There were probably more urban roads than the group liked, however, it offered an opportunity for passers-by to get a look at a great line of Porsches. The adventure ended at the Canadian Canoe Museum with a tour and some wine and cheese. Everyone had a good time and are ready for another Fun Run!

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