London To North Shore September 2012

London to North Short Lake Erie Fun Run September 22, 2012

By Chris Leavens; photos by Chantelle Leavens

I was very excited for Porsche of London to host its first of—hopefully—many more UCR Fun Runs. The response was so overwhelming, with 50 cars showing up, that we had to split the group in two. The first group departed at 9.30am; the second got its start at 10am.

The first leg of the trip was a drive to Scooner Galley in Port Burwell, a lovely spot with a friendly staff. Group one got a little lost due to construction, but were able to get back on track for a scenic drive along winding roads beside Lake Erie shoreline.

All participants made it to the cozy hamlet of Port Dover for lunch. We all had a spectacular meal of perch at the rustic Erie Beach Hotel.

Lots of laughs and smiles everywhere as we all enjoyed the company of fellow Porsche enthusiasts. We all were thankful the weather cooperated with us and the day went smoothly.

It was a great day and I look forward to hosting another Fun Run. Thanks to all the participants who made the day such a great success.

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