Love Affair

Doug and Jan Dyck’s 2004 911 Turbo

MY LOVE AFFAIR with Porsche first started in 1989 when I walked into a dealership of a friend of mine, his name was Uli Bieri, some of you may know him, to me he was my squash partner. On this particular day I walked in and saw a 1987 Porsche 911 in Venetian Blue, I fell in love instantly and before I knew it, I had walked out with my first 911.

I drove that car for a few years until the recession hit forcing me to sell my baby. Fast forward to 2017, all my children have grown up and my head turns towards the iconic brand once again. The 996 Turbo to me has always had beautiful lines. It took us a long time to find the perfect car for us. We wanted a coupe and did not have a particular focus on which colour combination we would settle on. We felt that would show itself when it was right, however we were insistent that it be a standard.

This particular car was purchased in Montreal from the owner, a fastidious young man who we could tell had really taken care of the car, all his maintenance was in order along with every bit of documentation pertaining to the car. His sole reason for selling was a baby on the way. We test drove the car, loved it, had a pre-purchase inspection done by the local Porsche dealer and the deal was sealed. We said we would return by train in the next few days and pick up the car, which we did and had a wonderful drive back to Whitby. The specification on this car is a 2004 996 Turbo with cinnamon brown interior and its current odometer reading just turned over 77,777 kilometres. </>

Story and photos provided by Doug Dyck.

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