Member’s Rides

Images from our membership of their Pride & Joy (or Pride & Joys).

Please note that the images are copyrighted by their respective owners, if you would like copies of these images please contact the owners directly.

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5 thoughts on “Member’s Rides”

  1. Absolutely loved this car when it was in my possession. She used to spit flames on the downshift, and what a wail! What is the status of the restoration work?

  2. I think the most foolish thing I’ve ever done was sell this car. I loved her when she was mine. I had her for three years, and I agree, a race car with a licence plate. I like the changes you have made, particularly the driving lights. I hope to see her again at a PCA event or the like.

    1. You will see it this summer. The interior has been redone period correct sports purpose and very light weight as is the overall car. You’ll be happy to know that the motor spits flames on overruns…just like it did before the rebuild.

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