UCR Email Blasts

If PCA National has your up-to-date email address, and you have an account at the PCA main site, you may receive the UCR monthly Email “Blast”. This status email is sent out a few days before the 2nd Tuesday of the month (just before the UCR Monthly Social). We don’t want to spam you, so we make every effort to limit UCR mass emails to one per month. Email blasts describe upcoming UCR events, and any breaking news.

If you have opted to receive, but do not get the monthly email, it may have been stopped by your spam filter. Check the junk directory on your mail server. In the case of business email addresses, emails are sometimes blocked by the company or institution.

To opt out of receiving the email, please login at the PCA main site and under “Membership” click on “My Account” to change your parameters. You can also call PCA’s national office at 410-381-0911, they will be happy to help you.

To create a PCA National account, go to  Join PCA and follow the link.