Mexico Blue

Mexico Blue 1
By David Watson, UCR Member; photos by Eshel Zweig, UCR Photo Editor

This 1970 911 was purchased from the original owner in Hollywood CA. It was a well-used running 911 T without sunroof, excellent body in its original colour of Conda Green.

Mike Ryan and I immediately brought it back to our shop in Corona, CA and stripped it to the tub, which began a

6-year restoration of this car.

The tub was assembled on a rotisserie and received the following treatments:
– removal of all paint and debris
– repair any rust or damages
– tub was 100% stitch welded
– wevo braketry for sways
– RSR reinforcements + bracketry throughout, 993 rear firewall installed, suspension point and torsion bars gusseted and prepared for modern Carrera installation
– hand made RS flares installed
– RS front and rear bumpers
– RS engine cover with duck tail
– PPG Mexico blue single stage paint applied

When the chassis returned it received the following suspension and brake treatment:
– refurbished 1986 Carrera suspension with oversize torsion bars, polybronze or polyurethane bushings
– Boxster S braking system
– Carrera rotors etc.
– Sachs Sport shocks
– Weltmeister sway bars

– 2.5 high compression – red line 7800rpm; 207hp.
– 1967 aluminum case and all ancillaries; i.e. 2.4 crank, polished balanced rods, cam towers, etc. prepared by Ollies to RSR specifications
– twinplugged S heads with RSR springs
– sport cam shafts
– JE forged piston
– blueprinted turbo oiling system, piston spray, by pass, etc.
– Carrera oil sump and RSR remote cooler
– twin coil pack ignition system
– all Carrera upgrades for strength
– PMO carburetors
– headers with stainless M&K muffler
– 901 transmission R spec prepared by TRE California

Interior Notes
– full gauge rebuild – Hollywood Speedo
– all leather done by John Moch in California
– Recaro sport seats from early GT2
– RS carpet
– RSR door panels
– full interior delete
– all glass and chrome restored, replaced where needed

Other Notes
– center fill fuel tank / through hood
– battery relocation
– French H1 driving lights
– Fuchs 7 & 9 inch wheels with RSR frosting
– Toyo R888 tyres
– wiring harness restored / repaired
– all stainless steel or aluminum hardware
– pedal cluster restored and rebushed
– J-West technologies 901 shifter

Mike Ryan and I built and restore pre-1995 Porsche 911s and can help with acquisition of candidate cars and western USA sourced parts through our well established network of providers. We currently work between our businesses here in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and San Clemente, California.

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