Mid-Engine Marvel

I purchased my 2008 Boxster S in the summer of 2019. It is the first Porsche I have owned, although I have driven several over the years. Having been a Porsche fan for longer than I can recall, I had always coveted a 911, but when I drove a Boxster S, I realized that the mid-engine layout was for me! With the kids grown and no more hockey to drive to, I was finally able to acquire this lovely, low mileage black-on-black model.

Living in Oakville, we are minutes from some beautiful back roads, and I take advantage of that as much as possible. My wife and I love touring, top down, to local farms for fresh produce. A high point in the car so far was a weekend trip with my wife up to Walkerton, Southampton and Kincardine. A couple of weekend bags in the boot and off we went, with no particular plan. Of course, COVID has put most of that on hold for now, but the Porsche has definitely been a great way to get out of the house, and socially distance around our area. Looking forward to warmer weather, and vaccines, so we can get back at it. — David Johannesson

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