Mid-Season 2013 Autocross Update

By Mario Marrello, UCR Autocross Chair


The 2013 season of UCR Autocross is well underway; with the 3rd of the 4 scheduled events completing on August 25.  This has been a very successful year with the May and July events selling out and the August event, typically the slow time of the year, falling just short of a sell-out. This year’s success has me looking forward to the October 6th event as this autumn event has always been well attended.

3818.JPGFor those of you who have never been to an autocross, it’s a test of your driving skills and knowledge of your car’s limits. Speeds are well under what you encounter on day-to-day street driving, but it requires a high level of concentration and close attention to car feedback, which makes for a very entertaining and safe learning experience. The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) recognizes Autocross as a form of competition. At UCR, we emphasize learning and skills development more than competition, but for those of you interested in this competitive form of motorsport, the UCR event is a great way to practice and fine tune your craft.

Our first event of 2013 was held on May 19 and was a sell-out. What is a sell-out? A full event is 25 drivers. UCR limits attendance, as this allows an acceptable wait time between runs. I understand that some non-UCR autocross events handle many more cars, and some have more than one car running at the same time. The feedback I’ve received is that our members prefer our approach as it’s safer and less stressful and the participants learn more.

The second event took place on July 28, again complete sell out. This is a huge contrast to previous years where we sometimes had less than 10 cars come out.

The latest event, on August 25, looked like it would be a sell out, but I received several cancellations in the last few weeks. That is no problem as the event can adapt, and what I take away from this is that August may not be the best time of the year to host an autocross event. I may move the schedule away from the summer months next year.

I would like to thank Geoff Sheffrin, who has offered his services to help lay out the course this year. It’s great to have another person evaluate the course and offer insight into how to make it better and safer.

Autocross is a low-cost, fun and effective way to enhance your driving skills and learn more about the awesome capabilities of your cars. To sign up for an event, refer to the UCR website. If you would like to volunteer, or you have any questions on the event, please contact me, click here.

Each event is held at the Toronto Star parking lot, within sight of Pfaff Porsche in Woodbridge near Highway 407 and Weston Road.


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