More Bad Driving Habits 2011

By Otto Mittelstaedt

Lots of automotive journalists periodically create a list of people’s worst driving habits. They all tend to be the same, ie, following too close, left lane bandits, etc. The things that bug me are different. Here are some more observations that I’ve never seen anyone else complain about.

  • honking to say “you jerk”, instead of using your horn only to let an unwary driver know of your presence.
  • honking when the in front car is waiting for pedestrians.
  • “pushing” slower drivers like my wife, who is in the right lane. Recently, I had a guy in a pickup tailgate me in the right lane, and when I finally turned off Bayview he gave me the finger.
  • stop 3 feet into intersection from a side street. Cyclists really love this one.
  • people who pass with a speed differential of 0.001 km/h. Worse if they are SUVs with HID lamps and your side mirror don’t dim.
  • motorhome drivers who don’t pull over occasionally on winding roads
  • people with badly adjusted headlamps
  • people who merge at low speeds or even stop on the on-ramp
  • people who don’t wave when you let them in ( ok, I’m reaching here)
  • articles like this written by self righteous webmasters

Please feel free to suggest your own in the comments.

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