MOTHER’S DAY PORT TO PORT TO PORT: A Mother’s Day every mother would enjoy

PORT-TO-PORT_7 By Mike Blinn, Photos by Rick Zuccato (from July 2015 Provinz page 37)

PORT-TO-PORT_9With gorgeous weather, we met at the Tim Horton’s at the Casablanca exit in Grimsby, where a great group of enthusiastic Porsche owners gathered for the port run.

Zoran and Nina of Zorotech joined us and furnished everyone with a Porsche T-shirt in their choice of colour and size. “THANK YOU ZORAN AND NINA!” Rick Zuccato supplied cookie packs from “Voortman the famous cookie makers” along with Porsche bottled water donated with great support by Porsche Centre Oakville.

Starting promptly at 10:00 we ventured to our first port of many… Port Colbourne, where we picked up the Lakeshore scenic trail traveling along picturesque Lake Erie’s shoreline through many small waterfront cottage enclaves, where we were literally yards from the water’s edge. We took 15 minutes at Port Dover for the call of Mother Nature and to reload those empty coffee mugs, then hopped back on the lakefront scenic trail to our next port of call. We passed through many ports that day besides, hitting Port Maitland, Port Burwell, Port Rowan, and our destination Port Stanley, arriving around 2:45 pm. We had the Kettle Creek Golf and Country Club prepare us a fabulous buffet style feast for our hungry drivers and navigators. This late lunch/early-dinner, offered our members time to reconnect from past runs, ruminate the great route and camaraderie. Everyone headed home with tops down and smiling faces.

My appreciation goes to all who joined us that day, particularly the “Zuccato/Blinn Tours” team; my better half Molly, for assistance in creating the route, Rick Zuccato for his goody bag organizing as well as being our tail gunner, and Claire Zuccato for organizing and managing the required paperwork. A great day had by all.

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