Muskoka Spring Fun Run

muskoka1Story by David Forbes, UCR Fun Run Co-Chair. Photos by Jeanne Krent (from Provinz June 2015 page 20)

Our Spring Fun Run could not have been more perfect!

DSCN0843 [Muskoka Fun Run1 - RDG]We started out at 10:00 am in front of the Main Street Deli in Bracebridge. The owners Paul and Jovan treated us to complimentary coffee and pastries.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day, and 30 gorgeous Porsches set out to navigate Muskoka’s breathtaking beauty.

We were on the road for a total of three hours, the first leg heading east along Hwy 118 towards Carnarvon. In two groups, the line of Porsches was a sight to behold as we travelled along enjoying the early foliage and the spectacular Muskoka Lakes. Heading north along Hwy 35, we then turned west towards Huntsville the past home of the G8 Summit.

Winding roads and spectacular early spring colours set against numerous Muskoka lakes enhanced our Porsche experience.

DSCN0853 [Muskoka Fun Run5 - RDG]We arrived at Rosseau for lunch at a wonderful little restaurant “Crossroads” at 1:00 pm, and were able to sit in small groups and enjoy a delicious lunch with many wonderful choices from a fantastic buffet. We enjoyed the view of Lake Rosseau, and beautiful Spring weather permitted our group to lunch outdoors and soak up the sunshine.

We continued our journey to Bracebridge along the back roads, winding our way back to the Saw Dust City Brewery in Gravenhurst.

What could be better than an amazing group of Porsche lovers on a spectacular sunny Spring day navigating the beauty of the Muskokas, driving the cars they love, enjoying every moment of the experience and each other’s company?

Encore? Perhaps, another Fun Run in the Fall, hosted by Anne and myself.

DSCN0852 [Muskoka Fun Run4 - RDG]


DSCN0878 [Muskoka Fun Run3 - RDG]


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