My Annual P-Car Spring Fling: What’s not to love?

Story and photos by Paul Schurter, UCR Member (from April 2017a Provinz page 11)


Like many other P-cars in Ontario, my pride and joy hibernates for about six months of the year. It would just break my heart to expose it to any road de-icing salts. The positive side of hibernation though, is that every spring, my sparkling clean and detailed convertible emerges from its slumber, and I get to appreciate that “new car” feeling all over again. I try to reserve a sunny, mild, spring afternoon to fire up the symphony in flat six, and just take a topless drive wherever the road leads me. It was on one of these spring adventures that I meandered my way along the north shore of Lake Erie, discovering several interesting small towns along the way. Eventually, I landed in Sherkston Shores and continued my exploration until the road ended at the beach.

What a great appetizer for the upcoming summer season!


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