Mystical Night With The 911

I WAS SITTING IN MY BACKYARD on a peaceful warm night. I looked onto my driveway and stared directly into the eyes of my silver 2006 911 Carrera S. My 997.1 S is in perfect condition with only 27,000 kilometres (16,777 miles) on the clock. It has the rare factory power kit as well. I often just stare at my car, looking at all the stunning lines and curves, and marvelling at the simple and elegant design.

This time though I saw something different. Or should I say I saw a few different images in the face of my 911. I actually started seeing 911s from the past, present and possible future. No, I wasn’t taking LSD! The first image I saw was early ‘70s 911. A 1971 to be exact. The grille, headlights and lines just looked so similar to the 997 I was staring at. Then it morphed into a 964. I used to own a 1993 964, that I wish, of course, I still had today, and started seeing that car as well. The same shape of the lights and grille just looked so similar. Then a 993, followed by a 992 appeared. I then could see that 10, 20, 30 years from now I bet the same will be true.

What I realized is that we have all read about how the 911 silhouette has remained pretty much the same, which is true. But staring into the face of a newer 911, can bring you back to past 911s if you look carefully. That to me is the essence of a classic design.

Next time you see a 911. Stare into its eyes. It will tell you a story about the past, present and possible future of these incredible automobiles. </>

Story and Photos by Jeffrey Wagman, PCA UCR Member Since 1997

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