November 2013 Social

Big Brother is Watching you

November Social Explores Insurance Telematics

By Robert Moniz, UCR Treasurer

UCR logo 200On November 12th, the club enjoyed its November social at the warm and inviting Musket restaurant in Etobicoke. The hearty German fare helped to take the edge off the chilly evening.

Guest speakers Tam Seto of GlassHouse Systems, and George Cooke, former CEO of The Dominion of Canada General Insurance company, presented the controversial topic of telematics, and its application within auto insurance.

Though still in its infancy, this technology is developing quickly, and the capabilities are profound. Our members peppered the presenters with tough, and at times, emotional questions. George and Tam politely fielded questions late into the evening. One thing is clear, insurance companies will embrace this technology to mitigate risk in their underwriting. What’s not clear is how the public and politicians will react.

Fellow guests from BMW Trillium enjoyed the evening and even walked away with some great looking Porsche branded prizes.

A big thanks to the staff at the Musket who expertly catered to the full house of over 80 guests. A special thanks to Laurel for tirelessly organizing another successful event.

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