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BEING A RACECAR DRIVER was my childhood dream. In 1998, I joined PCA Upper Canada Region together with my dad, George Wong, to participate in the UCR DE program at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport). We have participated in DE events every year since 1998. The DE program provides first-class, high-performance driving training and it is an excellent stepping stone to get into PCA Club Racing.

After my 10 years of participation in our DE program, I decided to take high-performance driving to the next level. In 2007, I bought a 1990 944 Turbo S and turned it into a racecar.

The car requirement includes a full roll cage; an FIA 8855-1999 approved race seat within six years of its manufacture or an FIA 8862-2009 approved seat within 11 years of its manufacture, and installed in accordance with the FIA and manufacturer’s specifications; a five-point harness seat belt; window net; and a MYLAPS car transponder.

The driver requirement includes a helmet (Snell, must be within 10 years of the date of manufacture or if FIA, expire at the end of the 10th year after the year of manufacture); a head and neck restraint certified as either SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858; a one-piece approved fire-retardant driving suit that meets or exceeds SFI 3.2A/5 or FIA 8856?2000; driving gloves and shoes that meet SFI 3.3/5 or FIA 8856?2000 or its successor and fire retardant socks. Drivers with mustaches, beards, or long hair extending below the helmet must wear a fire-retardant balaclava.

PCA UCR member Roy Tam’s first PCA Club Race experience at UCR August 2016 Can/Am Challenge Club Race. The video was produced by Roy Tam’s son, Ryan, and Ryan’s friends from school.

PCA has over 100,000 members and PCA Club Racing typically features more than 2,000 licensed racers with 32 sanctioned races per year (with the exception of 2020 of course) – more than any other single-make racing organization in the world. The 2021 PCA Club Racing schedule is online.

For 2021, it will be the 25th anniversary of PCA UCR’s Can-Am Challenge Club Race, to be held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (aka Mosport) on Friday, July 31 to Sunday, Aug. 1. This year also happens to be the race track’s 60th anniversary, so a dual celebration.

The PCA Club Racing license application provides two routes to obtaining the license.

The license can be obtained via an existing, current full-competition license with current experience from a recognized road-racing sanctioning organization, including NASA, SCCA, POC, IMSA, USCR, BMW CCA or equivalent sanctioning body (no time trial), or any vintage group that is a member of the Vintage Motorsports Council. Note that in 2021, a CASC (Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs) license is accepted for a provisional PCA license at our Can-Am Challenge Club Race and more details are to follow later.

The other way to obtain a license is for the member to meet the race-track driving-experience requirements as defined in the licensing procedures in the Club Racing Rule Book. The applicant must provide a complete listing of track days within the past 24 months that includes 12 or more days of race-track driving training and experience at driver education events, time trials, race schools or equivalent events. Of the 12 or more days, a minimum of six track days must be with a PCA or equivalent driver education event. Eligibility and equivalency will be determined by the PCA Club Racing Committee.

Here are some tips on what a PCA Club Racing applicant should do:

  1. Read the 2021 PCA Club Racing Rule Book to find out which class your racecar will compete in. Read the “class weight tables” section of the rule book, which lists the cars in the various classes and the minimum allowable weight in each class.
  2. Fill out the 2021 PCA Club Racing Competition License Application Form (or the renewal form if you already have a license from the previous year) and submit the form to Susan Shire, PCA Club Racing program coordinator.
  3. Fill out the 2021 PCA Club Racing Competition License Medical Evaluation Form. Book an appointment with a family doctor and an optometrist, so they can sign and date the medical form.
  4. Complete the 2021 Technical and Safety Annual Inspection and 2021 PCA Club Racing Vehicle Compliance Form. Take both forms to your first PCA Club Race of the year.

All these forms can be found online at PCAClubRacing.org.

If you are a first-time racer, bring two photos of your racecar to the club race. When you check in at the event, a PCA scrutineer will give you a log book that includes your personal information and the two photos of your racecar. The PCA scrutineer will then review the two forms (Technical and Safety Annual Inspection and PCA Club Racing Vehicle Compliance Form) and check your racecar to ensure it is in compliance. If your racecar is in compliance, the PCA scrutineer will sign your log book and the two forms and give you an approved sticker, which allows you to participate in the race. The log book and two forms must be kept inside the racecar during the race event.

If you have any questions on PCA Club Racing, please send an E-mail to our Club Race co-chairs Terry Cassan and Jackie Metcalfe at club-race@pcaucr.org. If you would like to volunteer one day or multiple days during our 2021 Club Race weekend, please send an E-mail to volunteer@pcaucr.org. </>

Photo by Samantha Tam

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  1. I expect to be in one of the first groups to be vaccinated. My 992 4S was delivered to me in Sept. /19. I still do not know how to drive it because there has been no IDS. Even seeing how launch control works would be great. I t seems like such a waste not to learn how to drive this mechanical marvel. Help!

  2. Kathleen describes in detail how to get into racing, it is not as difficult as you may think. The most important first step to becoming a Porsche race car driver is to get involved with the PCA DE events this is a valuable first step in achieving your goal. Talk to Kathleen if you get the opportunity as she is a wonderful source for information not to mention she is force to be reccond with on the the track.

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