PCA UCR Automotive Apprentice Scholarships Awarded

PCA UCR scholarship winners 2015By Professor Thomas Brown (25-year UCR member) (from Provinz May 2016 page 18)

On March 8th, PCA UCR awarded eight $1,000 scholarships to high-achieving automotive apprentices attending Centennial College in Toronto.

The Board decided to establish these scholarships to encourage young apprentices who are employed at a Tech Centre to stay in the Porsche repair circle. As our Porsches, especially older models, have been appreciat­ing in value, it is important that the skills needed to keep these unique and prized vehicles roadworthy into the future be transferred from our older masters, before they retire.

During interviews at a Board meeting with the 2014 winners, one of the apprentices mentioned that he had been taught by his journeyman how to install king pins in a 356 that very day! Another said that he willbe using his scholarship to purchase specialty Porsche tools. A general high level of enthusiasm for the marque was reflected by our winners—which is exactly what the scholarship plan is designed to sustain.

It appears that the decision to support the apprentices has been a wise one.

Here is a list of the 2015 Winners:

  • Carlos Lopez – Downtown Porsche
  • Megan Marino – Pfaff Porsche
  • Phil Wilkins – Auto Select Repair
  • Jisoo Park – Pfaff Porsche
  • Nhu Nuyen – Porsche Centre Oakville
  • Piers Kuznick – Pfaff Porsche
  • Raul Spencer – Pfaff Porsche
  • Matthew Audit – Hunter Motorsports

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