Peripheral Vision

By John Adam, UCR Historian (from April 2017 Provinz, page 42)

Sometimes life just gets in the way of Porsche Club events. We will be bobbing along the Rhine River later this month and then in September, we toddle off to Vietnam and Cambodia. Just back from there, we head off to Asheville, NC, to be guests of Colin and Sandy Black while attending Treffen. Somehow, the UCR world will just have to keep spinning as others step in and help by taking charge of our UCR duties.

Over the years, an important date on our Peripheral Vision calendar has been the date (24 March) that NNJR opened registration for its three-day driver education event at Mid-Ohio, being held May 19-21. Mid-Ohio is my favourite track in many ways. There is a section called Madness and it is well-named. The other parts aren’t too sane either. The other aspect about Mid-Ohio is that motels aren’t too far from the track in Mansfield, OH, and rates are reasonable but moving higher. It’s a 7-hour drive to the hotel, but it’s all 4-lane. Consider adding it to your personal DE bucket list. UCR is holding its two scheduled advanced car control events on the CTMP (Mosport) Driver Development track this month. Note: This may be a quibble, but isn’t this event called the Introductory Driving School? The UCR driver ed program goes on track at Mosport May 6 & 7. Of course, that’s not news to fellow Trackies. I will give you my seasonal low down on selections from further afield. BTW, I may go to my grave calling it Mosport rather than Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Checking for events further afield: PCA Zone 1 will be at The Glen May 19-21. It’s a big event with probably 250 registrants. Instructors get the benefit of an extra day of driving. See the Zone 1 web site ( for all the details. Other Glen opportunities are Metro New York May 31 & June 1 or Niagara Region August 16-17. There are several  opportunities to be at Pocono during the summer. This is your opportunity to try part of a NASCAR oval.

For a complete rundown on driver ed dates, the PCA web site is a great place to do your research.

Now that better weather is here, let’s hope that you get to enjoy some of the events that PCA is bringing your way. Not sure? Come out to our UCR Shift Into Spring Open House on April 30 at 427 Auto Collision.

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