JohnAdamTower2By John Adam, UCR Historian (from Provinz October 2015 page 42)


Our June Driver Education weekend event was preceded on Friday by our driver ed group providing track rides and lunch for some special needs kids and their parents and care givers. The annual event is organized by Jill Clements-Baartman. She needs to be thanked for bringing the idea to fruition and making it happen each year. I understand that we provided about 450 rides, followed by lunch for all.

These kids and their parents have had a tough go of it and it continues every day. It was hard not to shed a tear – after all, big boys don’t cry. Or so we were told as youngsters. I have to say that big boys do cry, especially in private, when no one will see.

It was so much more than a charitable contribution on the part of UCR. We gave these families a day of fun in the midst of a difficult life. We MUST do it again next year. The Red and Black Run Group are steadfast in their support of this program. If there are issues with continuing the program, we have to find a way to resolve them. I understand that we may be losing our partner in providing the big tent. If so, we will have to deal with the issue – not give up the program.

Upcoming is the UCR election. It’s time that you considered the slate which has been put forward for your consideration. We have some very strong candidates and we need your help to create the 2016 executive line up as well as adding event chairs. In November, we will host our Awards Banquet and welcome the new board.

The mind tends to wander at this time of year. October is chancy for DE events – the weather could be cold or even snowy. Winter works projects need to get done and the P-car is always due for some winter works or perhaps just an oil change before hibernation sets in.

Might as well give some thought to the 2016 Parade in Jay Peak, Vermont. It is 700 km to Jay Peak from Mississauga, a mere 7 hour drive. It’s a little longer if you go via Montreal south shore but it is a shorter/slower route along US highways in upstate New York.

I recollect a delightful stop at Les Trois Tilleuls, Saint- Marc-sur-Richelieu, a few decades ago and it would be a perfect one night stop along the way.

Yes, June 19-26 is still way off in the future but there is nothing to prevent us from planning ahead. Put Parade on your new 2016 calendar. Watch Panorama for registration details.

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