JohnAdamTower2By John Adam, UCR Historian (from January Provinz, page 42)

Sometimes, the dates of Porsche-related events are clustered or bunched, like grapes. Sometimes there are conflicts with other family events. It makes advance planning mandatory.

By now, the new executive has completed its first round of plans for the 2016 season.  There are members new to the group bringing fresh ideas and we’re looking forward to a great year.  Event chairs are now able to begin their detailed planning.  Dates are in place for Driver Education, the Club Race and a variety of major events.  One of the things that we do at this point is to book our favourite CTMP-area bed and breakfast for the entire DE and Club Race season.  Task completed.  We continue to enjoy using the new CTMP tower facility—the Tower Team is adept at handling the various situations that can arise during our DE weekends and it’s nice that we now work in air-conditioned comfort.

The Porsche Parade is in Jay Peak, VT, June 19-26.  It’s a day’s drive—721km from Mississauga.  We will likely stop overnight en route south of Montreal and then continue to the resort hotel on Sunday morning.  That has us arriving in good time to register with PCA, have lunch with PCA friends, and then gain access to our hotel room.  The WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (formerly United SportsCar Championship, formerly ALMS) race and Porscheplatz at CTMP are July 10-12; UCR’s Club Race at CTMP will be August 5-7.  Though we aren’t racers, we do have fun working at the event.  The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is coming back to CTMP September 2-4.  That should be another exciting spectacle.

Gosh, this Porsche life is just a whirl!

In January, 1991, Clive Van Wert, a former UCR president, first reported suffering from “the twitch”.  It is a debilitating seasonal condition.  Clive reported that you sit around the house reading Panorama or Provinz, you play videos of Driver Education events—and then your eye starts to twitch.  You walk through the house with a blank stare—the twitch starts again.  The diagnosis is track withdrawal.  But there is a cure coming up.  The Detroit Auto Show (January 16-24), the Rolex 24-hour race at Daytona (January 30-31), and the PCA Tech Tactics in February are upcoming events that will help with “the twitch”.  Planning for Parade Registration can be another useful winter activity.

Endure the cold, or take a break. It’s your choice. We will likely be checking out some beaches and cold drinks in the Caribbean while the snow flies.

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