Peripheral Vision

JohnAdamTower2By John Adam, UCR Historian (from May 2016 Provinz, page 42)

As you read this, we are drifting along a river in Europe covering the countryside from Istanbul to Vienna. From Vienna, we will depart for eastern Slovakia to hang out with my extended family for a week. Then it’s back to Canada. It should be interesting to see a part of southern Europe that is all new to us. We first encountered river cruising last May and we were quite taken by the experience.

Life is good at this time of year. The winter blahs have been shaken off. The snow has melted even in ski country. The cars have been readied and our Driver Education season will get back on track at CTMP. Take pleasure in the fact that the good weather is finally with us, summer is just ahead, and opportunities to take advantage of it abound.

This season, up to half of our DE drivers will need to get new helmets. There is a sticker on the inside of every helmet bearing a Helmet Standard certification. Snell issues new standards every five years, their most recent being M2015 and SA2015. Thus as we’re now in 2016, and UCR accepts helmets certified to current or immediately previous Snell standards, anybody with a Snell-certified helmet bearing a M2005 or SA2005 sticker is obliged to replace the helmet, no matter when you bought it.

The debate about the difference between Snell M vs. SA specifications has been waged for years. Suffice it to say, both specifications are approved for use at Porsche Club DE events. I always preferred the Snell M specification but others would beg to differ.

In 2016, if a vendor tries to sell you a helmet bearing a Snell M2010 or Snell SA2010 sticker, it has already lost half its useful life and therefore half its value to you. Don’t get sucked in by a vendor carrying old stock.

Next month, Parade will be held in Vermont. We have a lot of UCR registrants. Each year UCR is on the list for a number of National awards. We have been recognized many times for our leading efforts for membership, charity, newsletter, and website, and have been named Region of the Year, three times. Individual UCR members have received the Zone Reps Award and the Enthusiast of the Year Award. At Parade, we have made friends from the USA and Europe. Parade events are organized by world class experts. Believe me when I tell you that National

Parade-goers know who UCR is, based on some of our crazy antics. It’s always fun.

We are spoiled by having a wealth of choices. Since we can’t be away every weekend, we need to make our selections. So, what’s on your schedule? It’s time to get the P-car out and enjoy.


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