PERIPHERAL VISION: Reviewing 2015…and looking ahead

JohnAdamTower2By John Adam, UCR Historian (from November Provinz, page 42)

We skipped Parade this year.  Our designated driver broke her arm and so event cancellation was the order of the day/week/summer.  Next year, Parade is in Vermont and we are looking forward to a large number of UCR registrants, as can be expected when the venue is only one day’s drive.

DE Chair, Super Dave Osborne, sent an email asking the track team if they would serve again next year.  Answers came back at the speed of light.  Yup, we will be back.  What’s not to like about being on the cohesive team that puts on our excellent driver education program.  Not a participant?  The loss is yours.  At each event, several on the DE team show up just to work – they don’t drive, except perhaps in students’ cars.  How’s that for commitment?

Not to forget the very successful fun runs that fill up quickly; the autocross series that has its devotees; our Concours d’Elegance who are obsessive clean car freaks; and monthly socials for those that just want to meet and eat.

Oh yes, and we can’t forget the track charity rides for the handicapped and their care givers.  Those riders can bring seasoned track drivers to tears.  Best thing that we ever did!

Need a Christmas gift idea?  Try the UCR Goodie Store.  Once in a while, I like to mention Christophorus,

the Porsche factory magazine.  Online, it’s easier than ever to subscribe.  After reading our enthusiast magazines, including Christophorus, we save them for our next trip to the doctor or dentist and repopulate their crummy magazine rack.  Amazingly, the magazines have disappeared before our next trip back.

Now that the P-car is set to have a restful winter, we are off to Cuba and perhaps Panama before Christmas.  In April, we depart for Istanbul, then a river cruise toward Vienna and a side trip to visit family in Slovakia.  Other winter destinations are also likely.  Sell off opportunities to sunshine spots are always at hand and we are lucky to have the time available.  Can you tell that we hate Canadian winter?

We hope that you are enjoying the onset of winter and are planning a few 2016 PCA activities.  Perhaps we will see you at our season-ending Awards Banquet on Saturday, November 14 at Islington Golf Club. It’s a great party.

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