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Pfaff Tuning’s Nhu Nguyen

WITHIN THE PORSCHE COMMUNITY, we’re blessed to have an abundance of fascinating people aligned on a passion for one of the world’s best automotive brands. One of these fascinating people is Nhu Nguyen — a mechanic at Pfaff Tuning with a specialty in air-cooled Porsches.

Seven years ago, Nguyen made the choice to pursue a new career path in auto mechanics, which she had been harbouring a passion for since high school. She went back to school, got accepted as an apprentice. She then discovered the beautiful simplicity of Porsche engineering and worked at Porsche Centre Oakville for many years, becoming a Silver Certified Porsche Technician and the world’s first female to be designated with the Porsche Classic certification.

Another of Nguyen’s great contributions to the community is that she shares images of Porsches — inside and out — through her popular Instagram account. Each day, beautiful new images appear, of everything from racecars to the insides of air-cooled engine blocks.

To hear more from Nhu Nguyen herself, and find out which Porsche would be in her garage if cost was not a factor, check out the UCR-TV video interview! </>

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