Porsche of London Spring Fun Run – Our Largest Fun Run Yet!

P-London May 30 Fun Run 07Story and photos by Mike Salter, Fun Run Host (from Provinz July 2015 page 24)

P-London May 30 Fun Run 05P-London May 30 Fun Run 03In the early morning weekend hours, the sound of my Carrera engine on the open roads, and a coffee, are all the therapy I need. The morning of May 30th was the same, but with 58 more Porsches. The morning was well set, thanks to the efforts of our leader, Diane Prior, and the rest of our team. This was the biggest turnout for one of our Fun Runs!



P-London May 30 Fun Run 01The route to Grand Bend was one of the longest, but most scenic routes I have ever seen from London. But what fun would it be if we took the everyday route? With us divided into 6 groups, we were ready. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines. Along the way, we had a quiz to keep the navigators entertained and challenged.

P-London May 30 Fun Run 04P-London May 30 Fun Run 06






The Oakwood Inn for lunch was awesome. We enjoyed an amazing European lunch. We chatted, ate, and marked the quizzes. There was a tie for the highest score, but everyone did an amazing job. We had such a great time that when the torrential downpour started outside, no one seemed to mind.





Many thanks to the Porsche of London team, and to everyone who joined us! What a great day to be driving a Porsche!P-London May 30 Fun Run 02

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