Porsche Passion

Peter Jugoon always dreamt of owning a Porsche, now he’s had two to fuel his passion!

I’VE LOVED PORSCHES ever since I can remember. My mom bought me a canvas of a Porsche 911 slant nose Turbo when I was 8 and I’d go to bed looking at it every night wondering what it must be like just to sit in that car. 

When I was in my early 30’s my work took me over to Germany. My wife, Susan, who is Austrian, accompanied me on the trip and after my work was completed in Frankfurt, we flew to Graz, Austria to spend a few days with her family. Their family home is tucked away in the Alps just as you see in the photos, with a rustic home with flower boxes on every window sill with red flowers accenting the dark log structure of the home. The home is over 400 years old and looks and feels like a part of a fabled story book.

While on this trip, I thought about one of my bucket list items – drive a Porsche through the Alps. I thought, this could be the opportunity I was looking for. I called every car rental company in Graz but no one had a Porsche rental. I then extended my search to Vienna. Luckily, they had one Boxster available. I quickly booked it, paid the small fortune for the day’s rental and then went back to break the news to my wife and her family that I’d be leaving the next morning to have a “dream” day. My wife, who is also a car buff, was ecstatic and said she would join me! Her family, on the other hand, couldn’t understand why we would be leaving them to just – drive a Porsche through the Alps. They drive those mountains every day. What a life!

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much that night and was ready to go an hour before we really needed to leave on the 2 hour drive from Graz to Vienna. We picked up the shiny black Boxster around 10 a.m. I just sat there taking it all in. This was the moment I had dreamed of so many nights when I was a child. The feeling of sitting in the coolest sports car made on the planet. The seats were firm, the steering wheel was tight, the fit was snug but just right in every way. It was better than I had dreamed.

Then we took off. What a feeling driving down the cobble-stone streets of Vienna with the amazing stone architecture of buildings where the likes of Mozart played his concert pieces to audiences of aristocrats more than 300 years ago. It was an indescribable feeling. My wife and I spent the day zooming up the mountains, around the twists and turns of the Alps. With the top down we could smell the earthy, forest air while taking in the leather smells of the car. Every sense in my being was in high gear! We stopped for lunch in a beautiful city called Mariazell. Again lined in cobblestone roadways and beautiful buildings.

My wife, who is also a car buff, was ecstatic and said she would join me! Her family, on the other hand, couldn’t understand why we would be leaving them to just – drive a Porsche through the Alps. They drive those mountains every day. What a life!

After lunch we headed off again and as we were driving down the main street a group of kids were waiting and as we passed they shouted out “Porsche, Porsche, Porsche!”. I remember being one of those kids many years ago. Just seeing a Porsche back then would make my whole day. That’s what we did for those kids. What an awesome feeling! For the rest of the afternoon we zig-zagged through the mountains, valleys, around picturesque lakes and small towns along the way. It was every bit as good a memory as could be expected. The day ended and we returned the car but the one thing I didn’t return was the “bug” to own a Porsche. I was hooked.

Back home in Ontario, Canada, a couple years after the Austrian experience, I found the perfect Boxster S. It was a 6-speed 2006 Boxster S in midnight black with tan interior. I had four enjoyable years driving it only on sunny summer days (yes, I’m one of those who only brings their baby out on perfect days, the rest of time it gets pampered in the garage).

For my 45th birthday, my wife took me to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. I had been debating moving to a 911 but wasn’t sure if I wanted a C2S, C4S or the awesome Turbo.

Then for my 45th birthday, my wife took me to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. I had been debating moving to a 911 but wasn’t sure if I wanted a C2S, C4S or the awesome Turbo. The Experience Center gave me the opportunity to try them all out – on a track! Our day started out with a tour of the Center which includes a Porsche museum – it’s a Porsche-lovers dream building! It seems like every model and year of the Porsche is on site. There is a simulation area where you can virtually drive any of the cars. The view of the track is incredible. You can sit out on the open-air patio and watch the cars zoom around the track, watch other cars speed down a roadway and then spin out on a skid pad or watch other Porsches enter a circle covered in water where they do as many doughnuts as possible with the traction control turned off. Talk about a Disneyland for Porschephiles!

Before heading out on the track we went through a 30 min training session with our driving coach. It was good use of time and I continue to use so much of the information shared during that session. After the session, we headed out to our cars. I started with a 911 C4S. The coach got in the passenger seat and I took the driver’s side. I started the engine and just sat there taking in the sound. We then headed out onto the track.

Even though I would consider myself a fairly aggressive driver, I felt pretty tame on this track as cars zipped by me through the turns. Each lap built my confidence. I realized this car could do so much more than I was comfortable doing. At one point we entered a straight-away and my coach asked me to stop, put my foot down on the brake, then while I still had the brake to the floor, I would simultaneously accelerate to 6,500 RPMs and then immediately let off the brake. The car instantly rocketed forward and continued to accelerate with my coach saying “keep going faster”. I could see the concrete barriers that go around the turn ahead getting closer but my coach wouldn’t let me ease up. Then all of a sudden when it seemed like we were surely going to collide into those barriers, he said “okay, brake, brake hard”. It was then I realized what the Porsche braking system was really capable of. The car didn’t waver, it kept straight and within seconds we were entering the turn very comfortably.

Over the course of the day I learned about using the weight of the car to help leverage the grip of the tires as you go through turns. I got my Masters in driving that day! I went on to try the C2S and Turbo as well. I loved them all but was leaning toward the C4S by the end of the day because the Turbo was down-right scary fast and I wasn’t sure I trusted myself with it – especially knowing I would be driving it on city roads, not a track like this one.

Upon returning home, things returned to normal with work demands and other things filling up the days. Then one evening driving into our subdivision with my son, I came to the entrance of our street and met up with my neighbour who owns a car dealership. He was just heading out in a 2012 Porsche 997 Turbo S. We stopped to chat (as he knows I love my Porsches) and he told me this car just came in and he was trying it out. I told him (half-jokingly) if he decided not to keep it, “let me know”. The next day he texted me saying “Peter – come take the car for the weekend and see if you like it”. He’s a true salesman. He knows getting me in that car is all that he needed to do. I did make the ‘mistake’ of taking it for the weekend. There was no going back.

My only problem was I currently owned the Boxster S and there was no way I was going to suggest to my wife, that I needed two Porsches. My neighbour, the consummate salesman, had the solution. He conveniently had someone looking for a Boxster just like mine. The fellow came over, saw it and immediately fell in love with it. The deal was done. That meant I was free to pursue the Turbo S. I was pinching myself all day long saying – wow, I’m really going to get a Turbo…and not just a Turbo but a Cabriolet Turbo S! Well, thanks to my very supportive wife, I did it – I got the 2012 997 911 Turbo S Cabriolet in white with red interior.

The car had 24,000 kilometers on it when I got it. That works out to about 5k per year of driving. It was babied by the previous owner and was virtually brand new. As with my previous Porsche, it only gets exposed to the world on blue-sky days. A drive down the Niagara Parkway – a drive which Winston Churchill called “ the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in Canada” is a common loop for us. The road winds along parallel to the Niagara River on one side with beautiful waterfront estate mansions on the other side. This scene is a very welcoming site after a stressful day at the office.

Last year I was introduced to PCA UCR. Now I get the monthly magazines which I eagerly anticipate to see the latest happenings in the Porsche world as well as to read the wonderful stories of other Porsche enthusiasts. We recently participated in a Porsche Driving Tour which was an amazing experience driving through Niagara with 20 or so fellow Porsches. What a fun time we had meeting the owners of these beautifully maintained machines and sharing a meal together at one of Niagara’s fine wineries.

A dream come true!

It has been 39 years since I hung that first Porsche canvas on my bedroom wall. The thought of ever touching or sitting in a Porsche was something only my dreams were made of. To think, I have had the privilege of owning not one, but two amazing machines like these is something I never would have thought possible in my wildest dreams. Dreams can come true! </>

Story and photos by Peter Jugoon, UCR Member

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