PorschePlatz 2019

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Porscheplatz is a big hit again

Despite the heat, and a food delivery snafu on Sunday, we had another very successful and enjoyable Porscheplatz. In attendance were 161 PCA members, 33 non PCA members (but Porsche owners) and 31 Porsche Cars Canada Employees.  

We had a lot of things to see and do especially as the Porsche factory team pit was located right across from the Porscheplatz tent.  The tent is conveniently located near the bridge over the front straight only minutes from the pits.

In attendance were Marc Ouayoun (Porsche Canada President) with Lynne Friedman of PCA and Michael Pohlmann, President of UCR. Michael also was given the opportunity to issue the command to “Start Engines”.

 Also helping this year were Cindy Jacisin, Vice President of PCA and her husband Bob Rath, VP of Chicago region. 

The Pfaff drivers of the Porsche GTD showed up Saturday morning to answer questions and mingle. Zacharie Robichon, (shown in photo on page 17), had responded to a question about his least favourite corner as being Corner 8. Scott Hargrove who had arrived late and not heard Zac’s response, had responded that Corner eight was his favourite corner which garnered a few laughs.

The Porsche factory drivers also visited again this year. In the picture, from left to right they are Nick Tandy, Patrick Pilet, Laurens Vanthoors and Earl Bamber. Also present was Kevin Estre (not shown). The winners of the GTLM class were Earl and Laurens.

Another activity was a visit to the pits during the race Sunday and the race Saturday. For those who signed up, officials escorted us to the pit wall so that we could be right on top of the action.

When you’re so close to the action you can really begin to appreciate the amount of behind the scenes work that goes into a race team. Everyone down there has a role that is critical to the team’s function.


“It was such a cool experience to see the Porsche GT Team come in for a Pit Stop during the SportsCar Championship race. They were in and out in under 30 seconds and heading out with a new set of slicks and all fueled up. Subsequently seeing their team place 1st and 3rd in the GTLM class made the experience all the more special.” – Ryan, Hot Pit Experience winner.

Another event any attendee could experience was a Transporter tour with Kevin Mazur, Data Engineer for Pfaff Motorsport. Peter Blake, who signed up for the tour, was in awe. “It just blew me away. We got right into the garage and we were talking to the Data Engineer. The guy was passionate and very knowledgeable.” They showed us everything in the car, the data collection system, how they adjust the suspension, how they change the brakes and everything else about vehicle setup. Phenomenal. And you’re right up there, right close to it.”

We had approximately 60 cars doing the parade laps on Sunday morning. As Linda Tupper commented, “I think the highlight of this [Porscheplatz], I have to tell you, was getting on the track. That was amazing. That was a clincher. It was great. What a great experience”.  The photo on page 19 is of the parade lap pace cars at corner five. James Gue was in the drivers seat pacing the laps and Tom Long was riding shotgun. 

If you did the Parade laps and wish to purchase a photo of your car visit  http://www.tlmotorsports.ca/.

This was a great event and we hope to see you all again next year plus those of you who have never been we would love to see you too. </>

By David Walker, UCR Director and Jillian Weir, Provinz Assistant Editor

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