PORT TO PORT TO PORT: …an ERIE way to end the season! 

img_9686Story by Mike Blinn with photos by Rick Zuccato, UCR Members (from January 2017 Provinz page 30)

On Sunday October 23rd, a group of 18 shining German works of art gathered at the Casablanca Tim Hortons to enjoy a day of beautiful weather, awesome scenery and friendship.

We met for 9:15, and filled up our coffee cups, as the morning started out at around 8 degrees.

After viewing of all the cars was enjoyed by our participants of the day, we signed all the necessary documents, and headed out along the QEW, on the 406, to our first port of call, Port Colborne. This is where the die-hards dropped their tops, and as per Guenter, we… were driving TOPLESS.


From there, we travelled along the Lakeshore scenic route. We passed by many amazing cottage areas, with absolutely breathtaking views and had the sun shining out over the water in all its glory. After about an hour and a half of great cruising, we ended up in Port Dover. And yes, of course, another Timmies pit stop.

From Port Dover, we latched back onto the Lakeshore drive and travelled through Port Ryerse, Port Burwell, Port Rowan and Port Bruce, en route to Port Stanley – our final Port destination for the day.

img_9662We had reservations at the Green Frog, just outside of Aylmer for a 3 o’clock late lunch, early dinner. As luck would have it, we arrived on time by shaving Port Stanley from our day, as we were running a bit behind schedule.

Upon arriving to the entrance of the Green Frog, there was a sign on the road saying Porsche Parking. The owner arranged for us to have our own parking area on the grass away from other patrons’ vehicles. We had a short walk along a pathway from where the cars were parked beside a pond, and the sun made the fall leaves on the trees a postcard view.

We then arrived on foot to an amazing old wooden structure in the middle of the woods, which was the Green Frog restaurant. A unique venue with a gift shop filled with pottery made on the premises.

The owner had arranged a room to accommodate our hungry brood. The food was excellent, and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. This time gave our group a chance to chat about the day, and create some new friendships.

We finished our gathering around 4:30-ish… and everyone headed for home.

We will look forward to our Spring 2017 Port to Port to Port run… maybe we will see you there.

Mike, Rick, Claire and Molly… Blinn / Zuccato Tours.



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