Pre-season Autocross Kickoff

PreseasonAutocrossKickoffwrBy Mario Marrello, UCR Autocross Chair, Photos by Mario Marrello (from Provinz April 2015 page 19)

Good day Autocross Fans!

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting to find out the dates for autocross this year as we clearly have a late start… well, as they say, I have good news and bad news.

I’ll start with the bad news, as I hate to leave you on a sour note. The Toronto Star location that we normally use for the autocross has been impacted by some building construction going on in the surrounding area. Although the construction is not directly affecting the asphalt that we run on, the construction vehicles, mud and dust that has been created has impeded our ability to reserve the location early. Therefore, autocross will not start until July and will be scheduled into the fall.

Now the good news: the BMW Trillium Club has invited UCR to participate in their 2015 BimmerCruise event at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park on July 5, 2015. Trillium have reserved the CTMP Driver Development Track for both a morning autocross event and an afternoon free lapping event. As this is a BMW event, all BMW autocross and track rules will apply.

Photo by Mario Marrello

All UCR autocross participants are invited to the autocross portion of the event. For the afternoon lapping event, only those who have taken an IDS and have a least one full track day will be allowed to participate. Feel free to contact me to get more information. Details will be available on our UCR website once registration opens.

The remaining events will be schedule as follows, so please reserve July 5 and the following dates in your calendars now:

• July 26
• September 13
• October 4

Photo by Mario Marrello

All this disruption has made it clear we need to find more locations to run autocross. I know there are potential locations in areas outside the GTA (London and Barrie in particular) so if you are from these areas and can generate enough interest to hold an event there, let me know so we can start planning for these locations in 2016. The earlier the better! Of course, ideas of where else to run in the GTA are also welcome.

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