Provinz: Remembering Angie Herring

By John Adam, PCA UCR Historian

There are some people in this world that are quite simply, “always there”. You know them. No matter what you need to know, no matter day or night, you can call – and they are always there. Or they will call you right back. Or you bump into them as you go through life. No matter what, they are always there.

Until they aren’t.

Angie Herring was one of those people. Angie and Mark looked after our UCR membership issues for decades. After 25 years, PCA recognized their effort with a National Zone Reps award for service above and beyond the call. And they just kept on going, like that bunny rabbit on TV, until UCR had the largest membership in all of PCA.

In October, Angie was taken from us. The following are some recollections from UCR members that we would like to share with the rest of the club:

John Adam recollects, “Angie was the bookkeeper at her brother’s business, Mantis Racing. Whenever we dropped in, Angie always had a cheery welcome, perhaps an offer of coffee, and then back to the work of keep­ing everything in order. Periodically there were bits of historical information to be mulled over because a club member was asking. These Porsche-related phone calls generally went on for quite a while and sometimes, we would actually come up with answers for the member.”

Dave Pateman sent along a photo of Angie taken at our Open House event. For most members, Open House provided the best opportunity to meet our membership co-chairs face-to-face.

Botho von Bose adds, “Since 1986, I knew and admired Angie for her professional treatment of membership data and unerring correctness. I used her as an outstanding example of the perfect membership chair at the local, Zone and National levels. I am proud that I could call Angie and Mark friends. Susan and I are saddened by her leaving us far too early. She will stay in our hearts and minds.”

Kathleen Wong said, “Mark and Angie Herring joined the Upper Canada Region in 1981 and they have been Membership Co-Chairs during the past 35 years. Angie and Mark are our longest serving volunteers. I worked with Angie during the past few years whenever I received members’ queries about their memberships. Angie always followed through with every query. She was very dedicated.”

Wayne Spiegelberg contributes, “I have known Angie for over 25 years, and had the privilege and joy to share an office together with her at Mantis Racing for the last 10 years. Her work ethic and dedication to UCR as Mem­bership Chair was tireless, as was her help for any new member to the Porsche Community. On many occasions she would share stories about other members cars and experiences. We had some great laughs and insights into the people and, not just the cars. Angie was extremely re­spected by PCA National and every UCR Executive ever to work with her. Upper Canada Region has lost one of its anchor members and we will miss her greatly at Mantis.”

Mario Marrello wrote, “I have fond memories of An­gie. She and Mark provided the club with valuable insight and support during my tenure as President when our region celebrated its 35th anniversary. Angie’s experience was instrumental in making that celebration a great suc­cess. She was a great person and I’m privileged for having known her. She will be greatly missed.”

In memory of Angie Herring, we are having a “Cel­ebration of Life” social on Tuesday January 8 (6:30pm- 9:00pm) at the Islington Golf Club. Advanced registra­tion is required at

(Provinz: Jan 2019)

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