Contacts & Advertising

Provinz magazine is the monthly journal of Upper Canada Region. Our regular contributors ensure that it reports on the results of the club’s many activities, which range from Driver Education events at Mosport to Concours and Tours. Porsche-oriented feature articles, “personal Porsche” stories, technical and how-to articles from many club members round out the content.

Provinz truly is a team effort. If you are interested in submitting an article to the magazine, please Email it to the editor.

Provinz Editor

For any comments or suggestions about Provinz, please email Randy Gananathan

Advertising & Promotion

If you are interested in advertising in Provinz and reaching our great demographic, please contact Peter Helston, UCR Sponsorships Chair or Randy Gananathan, Editor

  1. Peter’s email: [email protected] P: 416-567-0397
  2. UCR Advertising email: [email protected] P: 905-780-9670

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