Scenic Driving Route in Muskoka

Walter Murray (Past President, Past Club Race Chair and Muskoka Driving Tours Host) is recommending a scenic driving route (see below) in Muskoka. In fact, it is Sheila’s  (Walter’s wife) idea to let our members know about this scenic route, so they can put 190 km on their  Porsche with their families during these unprecedented times.

Scenic Driving Route by Walter Murray (Past President, Past Club Race Chair and Muskoka Driving Tour Host)

As a long time, Muskoka Resident who has organized several Muskoka Driving Tours, I thought I would share with you an enjoyable Muskoka driving route.

It started by my wife Sheila saying, ” why don’t we go out on our own Driving Tour.” We have not had “Cabin Fever” over the last several weeks as we have 23 acres and a horse to look after.

But it was time to take out our Porsches. We had our GT4 out a week ago, but this time took our 2018 Turbo. We live outside of Bracebridge, so we started there going North on Hwy 4 to Hwy 141 towards Rosseau. The highway goes thru some lovely valleys with nice sweeping turns.

At Rosseau we stopped and took the above Muskoka pictures-lovely. Then continuing 141 to Tally Ho Rd and turn right. A beautiful sweeping road up to Orville.

Continue right on 518 and you will come to one of the BEST driving roads in Ontario. For 23 kms, 518 twists and turns in every direction and was built for Porsches to run.

Keep your eyes up as turns come fast and furious. Awesome! You then pass thru the village of Sprucedale famous for its winter snowmobiling on the Seguin Trail-not for Porsches.

Cross over Hwy 11 and turn right on 518. Take the next left 518 East. At the turn, a wonderful Chip truck aptly called “Fork in the Road” worth a stop and reasonable priced-cash only!

Continue 518 East for a short distance and then turn right on 592 in Emsdale. This will take you South to Hwy 11. Continue South on Hwy until you see the turn off to Port Sydney. Head to Port Sydney and just thru town just after you cross the bridge, turn right on Hwy 46 and then right on Stephenson Rd 1 East until Bonnie Lake Road.

Turn left and this will take you to Hwy 117 and turn right bringing you back to Hwy 11.

I promise you will enjoy the drive and overall is 190 kms. Feel free to contact me below if you if you need further clarity. Have fun and welcome to Muskoka.


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