Sim Racing Wrap-Up

THE PCA UCR SIM RACING LEAGUE winter season 2022 wrapped up with a successful series of interesting tracks and car combinations. With a total of 23 participants across the eight races on the schedule, the season included an all-nighter at Road Atlanta, a team race at the Daytona International Speedway, and even included a truck race at the Daytona oval. The season began with the Porsche 992 Cup car at Interlagos in Brazil, and wrapped up at CTMP in the Porsche 911 GT3 R.

Once again supported by JRP (a big thank you), this season was designed to award more than those who were fastest or won the most races. With a total of 160 points, Ben Leung took home the most-points trophy, but Adam Holland, the brave track tech chief we all know and love, came home with the best performance with the most positions gained at 20. He may not have started in the top five but he made the most progress throughout races. The cleanest driver, that is with the fewest average incidents goes to Jonathan Reber. Special mention has to go out to Stefan Uriadka as the most improved driver over the past year. The season also saw some great performances from Joe Sinclair (second in total points), Terrence Tong managing the vortex (third in overall points), and John Martin and Robert Bowman who consistently put in strong performances.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and while we take a short break for IRL (In Real Life) activities, many are continuing their sim activities with PCA National, honing their skills as we will start planning the fall season over the next couple of months. While many participants have never been to CTMP, we will be coordinating a meet and greet during the PCA official race at CTMP in July. Stay tuned for more. </>

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