MY FIRST BOXSTER was a silver 2007 with a five-speed manual. I always enjoyed shifting for myself and loved that car. However, advancing arthritis led me to think about an automatic. I drove a Boxster with PDK at the Atlanta Porsche Experience Center and was sold. I had an opportunity to purchase a silver 2009 PDK, the one in these photos. The first photo was taken last April, soon after the car came out of winter storage, and just before my 90th birthday.

The second photo was taken at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, near Milton, Ontario. Here is where some nostalgia creeps in. The snake-like road up the hill was used in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s as a hill-climb course by Toronto-area sports-car clubs and it was unpaved gravel at the time. My young family and I used to take picnics up there, to watch the action — especially the Porsches! Notable drivers were Klaus Bartels and Horst Kroll. — Ted Youngs

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