Sound of Porsches Tour

Thursday, July 28 – Monday, August 1, 2016:

Sound of Porsches Tour

SOUND OF PORSCHES_WEB AD LRG2The “Sound of Porsches” Tour is a 5-day 4-night adventure hosted by Rick Zuccato and Mike Blinn. We’ll have an incredible itinerary featuring wonderful roads from Toronto to Lake Placid New York on Day 1. Then we’ll park our cars in a private lot, check into our lake-view hotel rooms then dine in our own private dining room. Day 2, after more Lake Placid treats, we’ll head through the mountains, sounding our way to our 2nd and 3rd night destination in Stowe Vermont, where we’ll experience some of Vermont’s hospitality. Day 4 features a spectacular scenic drive to our final night in a small quaint Quebec village, where we’ll have our Zuccato race-night, and our final farewell dinner in our own private dining room, and again a private parking lot for our babies! For more details, login to UCR’s website then click here.


Note: due to the limited member capacity and the costs for this event (including hotel costs and more), this registration will NOT be processed through Club Registration. Instead, please contact Rick via email to register and obtain further information: or 905 379 9416



Registration Opens: Sunday, February 21 at 6pm


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