4 Door Porsches Welcome!

georgianbayfunrun2016-2_27648072425_oBy David & Julia Cox, UCR Members (from Provinz September 2016, page 38)

georgianbayfunrun2016-13_27547837002_oBased on my experience last year, I signed up early this season for the Fun Runs to avoid the disappointment of them being completely full. We enjoyed a few journeys last season in my 2013 Boxster S.

I had the added incentive of knowing I would take delivery of my new Macan GTS and looked forward to every opportunity to drive it on winding, rolling country roads.


Delivery came in early June, just one week before the Southern Georgian Bay Fun Run. I thought “Perfect! What a great way to get in some good break-in km.” But then I had a moment of hesitation…. “What if I’m the only 4 door Porsche? What would the 2 door Porsche owners think? Are fun runs secretly just for “real” Porsches? Would I be a poseur?”

I have to admit thinking years ago, as a Porsche pur­ist, when the Cayenne was introduced… ”Why? Aren’t there enough SUV’s to tote families around?”

Well obviously I was wrong! The fact is, the Cayenne and Macan outsell all of the 2 door Porsches ensur­ing continued financial success of the brand.


We were all there because we wanted to learn more about one another’s passion for the cars and the joy they bring.

The morning of the event, my wife Julia pushed aside any doubts I had that a 4 door Porsche would not be welcomed. She reminded me that the Porsche folks we had met on all of the previous Fun Runs had been open minded, fun and friendly people that just enjoyed a great drive along with the social experience. She also admit­ted that she looked forward to the comfortable and quiet ride. And with the forecast of rain we looked forward to the added safety 4-wheel traction control would bring.

We arrived at the meeting spot early and were wel­comed by Michael and Martin, our hosts for the event. They certainly weren’t put off by the presence of a 4 door Porsche joining the pack. Whew – success! As more folks arrived, the usual conversations began and we saw some familiar faces. We wandered around the lot, looked at each vehicle and chatted over coffee. We were all there because we wanted to learn more about one another’s passion for the cars and the joy they bring. The day was filled with a stop at a German bakery shop, a private tour of two tall ships in Discovery Harbour, a good meal at lunch with lively conversation, Penetanguishene Bay, a tour of the SS Keewatin at Port McNicoll and the wonderful BBQ at Martin’s farm. I was pleased to share lunch with Larry, who had just returned from Germany where he took delivery of his new Macan S. We listened as he told the story, and shared photos, of the drives he and his wife had.

georgianbayfunrun2016-8_27548024532_o georgianbayfunrun2016-1_27036813184_o


So to all of you 4 door Porsche owners out there reading this article, please remember, we all know you bought it because it’s an amazing driving machine! So don’t hesitate to come out to a fun run, meet some great folks, drive it purely for pleasure, and leave the grocery and hockey bags at home.

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