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MY SON CHRIS AND I left the hotel at 8 a.m. to go to the Porsche Experience Center Leipzig. We were greeted and shown to the coffee shop on the second floor by Shara and we were given a pager. The coffee shop was well equipped with all types of snacks and beverages. In the middle of the shop was a 1973 Carrera RS, very nice. Chris and I enjoyed the great view of the track as we enjoyed the hospitality. After a few Red Bulls and espressos, we were revved up as the pager lit up to tell us they were ready for us. The fun continues.

We were introduced to Mike who was our guide for the on- and off-road tracks. Since COVID-19 he was not allowed to be in the same car. Mike took a white Turbo S, and we were shown into a beautiful Viper Green 4.0 Cayman GTS. Mike spoke to us through a one-way radio. We were the only ones with a delivery that morning and the only ones on the track. Usually there are up to 10 or more deliveries per event. Mike led in the Turbo S and described the history of the Leipzig site and showed us all the nuances of the track we were driving on. After a couple of slow laps, we started to speed up to run a few hot laps. I like hot laps. We stopped and parked beside each other on the track (remember we were the only ones on the track) and Mike told me to execute a launch control as this car was a PDK. Wow, very exciting. You are not going to believe this, however, Mike was driving a Turbo S and passed me. Chris and I switched spots and he got to experience the Porsche magic.

Mike escorted us to the presentations bays and then came a lesson on how to remove the fitted cover. I wasn’t listening at all — just let me see my new Porsche for heaven’s sakes. And there she was.

Then it was time to climb into a Porsche SUV and hit the off-road course. Mike took a Macan and we were shown into a Cayenne S. Mike spoke to us again through the radio. Over hills, rocks, mud and water for a good hour. Wow, the Cayenne with the off-road package is very capable as we crawled up and down steep hills. Both Chris and I took turns.

 And then onto the highly anticipated delivery time. Mike escorted us to the presentations bays and then came a lesson on how to remove the fitted cover. I wasn’t listening at all — just let me see my new Porsche for heaven’s sakes. And there she was. She looks better in real. I told Mike that this is number 823 and he asked, “Is this a limited edition?” How could he not know? Wow. Mike said I will need to hold on to this one then. I wholeheartedly agreed. The Boxster 25 Years is a limited worldwide run of just 1,250; the model pays true homage to the original.

We chatted about all the features of this car for a while, then I asked him if he could drive it out to the front for some pictures under the big diamond. Chris and I met Mike out front for some pics. When Mike was about to take the car back, I asked if I could get into the passenger seat. Mike stated that we had a full tank of gas and asked where should we go?

I asked Mike if we could take it around the track for a victory lap. No problem. He noted the break-in period for the engine and the brakes, advised to keep the RPMs down. Great info. After the lap (three GT3s were being broken in by the mechanics on the track as well, tough job), my son taped my car being backed in the garage, very cool video.

It was time for the requisite factory tour. “When in Rome…” The factory was running on a small skeleton crew as they were shut down because of missing harnesses from Ukraine. Christina was our host for the plant tour and understood my operational background and tailored the tour for me. Did I mention that we were the only ones on the tour? We were the only ones on the tour. Halfway thru the tour a colleague approached us and told Christina that they would be getting the harnesses next week. Good news for the three shifts and 4,000 employees. Not to mention all those anxious new owners. No cameras were allowed in the factory, so no photos.

All by ourselves again, for lunch, which included a three-course gourmet meal and beverages, many beverages. We were overlooking the track and watching the three GT3s being broken in. I FaceTimed Donna, my wife, and yapped for a while. After lunch they have a small museum upstairs that we viewed. We walked around the facility for a bit and went to the store to collect a gift from Porsche. There were no Boxster 25 or Spyder paraphernalia to be had, go figure. They called a taxi for Chris and I. We left the facility around 3:30 p.m., back to the hotel.

What a fantastic day — see you in six weeks, Boxster 25.

The colleagues at the Porsche Experience Center were nothing short of fabulous. The hotel staff bent over backwards to make our stay nothing but first-class. I am buying a Macan so I can do this all over again.

This was absolutely in the top 10 best days of my life, and I have been blessed to have many. Consider European delivery for your next Porsche, you won’t regret it. </>

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